The Astigmatism: What is it, and how can it Be Cured?

There are a number of causes to blurry or unfocused vision. From cataracts to an irregularly shaped eyeball, our eyes are subject to a great number of deformities and defects that may render our seeing less than effective when we need it. Amongst some of the most common causes for bad vision, one that is… Read More

Cataracts: The Cause, the Effect, the Solution

Do you experience blurry, cloudy, or foggy vision on a regular basis? Do you feel that your quality of life is hampered due to this vision impairment? You aren’t alone; there may be a good chance you’re experiencing a symptom of cataracts. Cataracts is a common vision impairment that develops in a number of different… Read More

The History of Lasik Surgery

The Lasik movement has seen only growth in its lifespan; a time that has lasted a little over 30 years being available to the public. Being a relatively new invention of the 20th century, its continued growth and expansion bloomed almost immediately, bringing in throes of people eager to live their life to the fullest…. Read More

Lasik vs. other options: Cost effective and practical

We’ve all heard the miracle stories, and all of us with eye inefficiencies have all had the operation suggested to us. The question is, what would push you to get the operation yourself? If you’re like most people, you’ve got normal questions that need answering, and without those answers, a Lasik solution will remain a… Read More