Cataracts affect millions of people across the United States, representing one of the most common eye problems leading to vision loss. Risk of cataracts increases with age; 24% of 60-year-olds suffer from cataracts, while a full 68% of the population will have cataracts by age 80. Finding an experienced and trustworthy ophthalmologist for cataract surgery near Valley Ranch may seem difficult, but there is one surgeon who stands out. Dr. Gary Tylock of the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center has treated thousands of people with cataracts in his long career, employing the latest surgical techniques to ensure high-quality outcomes.

The Tylock Advantage

Dr. Tylock has been practicing as an ophthalmologist for over 30 years, making him one of the most respected professionals in the area. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Tylock served as an associate clinical professor at the UT-Southwestern Medical School. For 20 years, he trained physicians to perform advanced surgical techniques to correct vision and remove cataracts. Dr. Tylock’s commitment to his patients is what drives him to stay at the forefront of the field, providing the best available technologies to those suffering from cataracts.

Intraocular Lens Implantation at the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center

Cataracts form when the lens of the eye becomes clouded, preventing light from passing through and contributing to vision loss. At the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center, we perform cataract surgery for Valley Ranch residents by removing the cataract via a small probe directing ultrasound waves through it. Dr. Tylock also performs intraocular lens implantation. After removing the eye’s natural lens, implantation of a state-of-the-art artificial lens restores clear vision and prevents development of cataracts in the future. This surgery also allows the ophthalmologist to correct existing vision problems, making it a popular choice among those exploring options for cataract surgery in the Valley Ranch area.

For more information about the Tylock Eye Care Center, call today to make an appointment. A consultation will provide you with everything you need to know about the cataract surgery that’s best for you.


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