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People have been attempting to correct their vision for hundreds of years. In fact, the ancient Chinese put sandbags on their eyes to treat nearsightedness. Years later, in 1895, a Dutch ophthalmologist performed the first successful refractive surgery, correcting a 19-year-old boy’s astigmatism. Today, many safer, more effective procedures are available. Learn more about the history of the refractive surgery industry, laser eye care, and recent breakthroughs.

Lifestyle Benefits

Imagine being able to open your eyes underwater or to see clearly without reaching for glasses as soon as you wake up. Refractive surgery allows patients to play sports, participate in hobbies, and perform other activities with ease—without the need for corrective eyewear. Find out more about its other benefits.


Custom IntraLASIK surgery is an extremely safe, successful procedure that employs state-of-the-art technology. Side effects are rare and often minimal. However, refractive surgery is not for everyone. Find out if you qualify.


Although a large percentage of Custom IntraLASIK patients report 20/20 post-surgery vision, LASIK is not intended to completely correct all vision problems. It is instead meant to drastically reduce one’s reliance on glasses or contact lenses. Patients should also be aware that with or without surgery, vision naturally changes over time. Learn more about what you can expect if you have LASIK surgery.

Risks and Complications

LASIK is considered very safe and LASIK Eye Surgeons Dr. Michael George and Dr. Gary Tylock use the most current technology available today. However, there are still some risks involved, including side effects such as temporary dry eyes, corneal abrasion, overcorrection or undercorrection. Prior to surgery, the doctor will explain to you the side effects and complications for which you are at risk. But it is still important to do your homework.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering LASIK surgery, you probably have a lot of questions about the procedure and what you can expect. After all, it is best to be informed.

Selecting a LASIK Surgeon

Your eyes are very important to you—don’t trust them to just anyone! You should be aware of how much experience your surgeon has, how successful his past surgeries have been, and other important information. Know what to look for.

Glossary of Terms

Encountered some unfamiliar terms in your research? Search our glossary.

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