Serving Fort Worth / Dallas – IntraLASIK with the Femtosecond (FS) 200 KHz Laser

The Alcon Wavelight Femtosecond (FS) Laser is used to perform the first step of LASIK vision correction surgery, the creation of the corneal flap. The FDA-approved Femtosecond FS Laser and IntraLASIK procedure allow Dr. Tylock to more precisely and safely create the corneal flap using a cool, silent beam of light.

How does IntraLASIK work?

The cornea is a dome-like structure of transparent tissue that extends over the lens, pupil and iris. The cornea’s curvature affects the way incoming light rays are bent so that they focus optimally onto the retina for maximum visual acuity.

IntraLASIK software directs the Femtosecond (FS) 200 KHz Laser to optically focus its beam into a tiny, 1 micron(.001mm) spot of energy that passes harmlessly through the outer layers of the cornea until reaching its exact depth within the stroma (central layer of the cornea).

In an “inside out” process, the laser beam creates a separation plane by forming an interconnecting series of bubbles made of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The laser beam stacks a pattern of bubbles along the periphery of the treatment plane, leaving an unseparated section of tissue to act as a hinge. As with a LASIK surgeryapproach, the surgeon then folds the tissue back to expose the underlying corneal layer to prepare for the excimer laser treatment that will reshape the cornea.

Contact our laser eye care center in Irving, serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area today to learn more about Custom IntraLASIK all laser eye surgery. IntraLASIK is the safest method of corneal flap creation available today and affords Dr George and Dr.Tylock the greatest control over the outcome of this refractive surgery.

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