Topographic Guided LASIK (Contoura Vision)


Dr Michael George and Dr. Gary Tylock of the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center are pleased to be the first facility in the state of Texas to perform Topography Guided LASIK also known as “Contoura Vision”. This technology represents the next generation of LASIK refractive surgery. Recently approved by the FDA, Topographic LASIK is the latest and most advanced technology on the market providing the best vision outcomes for eligible candidates. Studies have shown that patients experience better vision quality compared to traditional LASIK treatments even exceeding 20/20 in some cases.


Topographic Technology:


Developed by ALCON, Topography Guided LASIK or Contoura Vision utilizes topographic measurements based on a patient’s corneal irregularity, unlike wavefront technologies that address aberrations in the entire optical path. The treatment incorporates refractive error of the eye and corneal irregularities into a customized laser ablation pattern for myopia and myopic astigmatism. Contoura Vision uses 22,000 data points to fine tune irregularities on the surface of the cornea compared to only 168 with the Wavelight Analyzer. This provides patients the most custom and personalized LASIK treatment available in the United States.

Approval by the FDA for Topography Guided LASIK was based on a multi-center Phase III study using the ALLEGRETTO Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser System for the treatment of manifest and cornea-based myopic optical errors.  The study demonstrated a number of key results:

  • 92.7% of all study eyes achieved a UCVA of 20/20 or better, and 68.8% of all eyes achieved a UCVA of 20/16 three months after surgery
  • 29.6% of eyes gained at least one line of BSCVA three months after surgery
  • Symptoms traditionally associated with LASIK, such as glare, halos, difficulty driving at night, light sensitivity, and eye dryness, improved after topography-guided LASIK treatment with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q Excimer Laser
  •  Visual symptoms after topography-guided LASIK were generally mild in severity and continued to improve with time; none of the visual symptoms were rated as “marked” or severe” at three months or later post-surgery
  • 98% of the patients said they would have the topography-guided procedure again.



Why Choose Dr George and Dr. Tylock for Topography Guided LASIK?

As a LASIK pioneer, Dr. Tylock and his caring staff at the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center have been enhancing patients’ lives with better vision in Dallas, Fort Worth for over 30 years. He is one of the most experienced and respected LASIK surgeons in the country. When selecting a surgeon for your Contoura Vision or Topography Guided LASIK procedure, consider the following:


  • Tylock Eye Care is the first facility in Texas to perform Topography guided LASIK or Contoura Vision
  • Dr. Tylock is the most experienced Topography Guided LASIK / Contoura Vision surgeon in the U.S.
  • Topography Guided LASIK / Contoura Vision yields the best vision outcomes, sometimes exceeding 20/20
  • Topography Guided LASIK / Contoura Vision has yielded the best results to date of any LASIK study approved by the FDA
  • Topography Guided LASIK / Contoura Vision uses 22,000 data points to fine tune irregularities for the most customized LASIK treatment in the U.S.


If you tired of wearing glasses or contacts and considering LASIK in the Dallas Fort Worth area, contact the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center to determine if you’re a candidate for Topography Guided LASIK or Contoura Vision. This next generation technology provides the best vision outcomes available and can enhance your quality of life. Call our office to schedule your LASIK consultation.

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