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Tylock-George Eye Care Is Consistently Voted Amongst The Top Cataract Surgeons in the North Texas Area.

Dr. Michael George, M.D. is recognized As A Leading Surgeon in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

You deserve to see the world with clear, uninterrupted vision. At Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center, we devote each day to helping the people of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area see more clearly with our life-changing vision correction surgeries.

We are the practice with over 30 years of experience that you can trust when you or a loved one is suffering from poor vision due to cataracts. Living with cataracts can leave you with clouded vision, reduced mobility, and an overall lower quality of life. With advancements in modern technology and our world-class surgical techniques available at Tylock-George Eye Care, cataract surgery is one of the safest, most effective surgeries performed today.

Don’t settle for decreasing vision due to cataracts. Call the professionals at Tylock-George Eye Care and set up a consultation, or take our simple eligibility quiz today.

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Introducing Our Board Certified Medical Director and Chief Surgeon

Dr. Michael R. George, M.D.

With over 10 years over surgical experience in the lastest cataract removal techniques available, Dr. Michael R. George, M.D. leads a team of over 25 highly skilled medical professionals at Tylock-George Eye Care. He has completed more than 10,000 cataract surgeries alone, and combined with his LASIK expertise he is one of Texas’s leading Ophthalmic surgeons.

Dr. Michael R. George, M.D. performs life-changing vision correction surgeries for the patients in the Dallas/Fort Worth, and North Texas area every day. As the “Official LASIK Surgeon of the Texas Rangers Baseball Team” since 2015, he works on professional athletes and aging cataract patients with the same level of care, precision, and skill. He prides himself on staying at the forefront of advancements in cataract removal surgery and works tirelessly to deliver top-quality results. As you will see if looking at our online review, Dr. George is loved by his patient’s and their families.

He is endorsed by award-winning surgeon, and his legendary predecessor, Dr. Gary R. Tylock, M.D., who originally started Tylock-George Eye Care in 1986. Dr. Tylock’s methods of customer service and holding yourself to your highest standard of care continues to elevate the standard of all eye care in the greater-Dallas area.

Don’t wait to explore your cataract removal options; schedule an appointment with Dr. George today. It’s time to live your life with crystal clear sight.

How Much Does Cataract Surgery in Dallas Cost?

The cost of cataract surgery depends on a few different factors. Major medical insurance will cover the majority of your surgery, after you’ve met your yearly deductibles. At Tylock-George Eye Care we accept ALL major medical insurance companies. These include Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Cigna, AARP WellMed, Tricare, United Healthcare, CareNCare and many more.

The cost is also decided by which type of implanted lens you choose. We offer a wide variety of lens choices, and your doctor will ask you questions to find out which one is best, as well as several other considerations. Accounting for the details of your specific procedure, cataract removal is typically within most people’s range of affordability, based on the insurance they have.

We offer all of the major cataract Advanced Lens choices, including many you might have heard of like Tecnis, the Tecnis Symfony, Crystalens, and ReStor by Alcon. Many of these lens choices can help you achieve clear vision without reading glasses after surgery.

If you ask anyone who has received cataract surgery, they’ll tell you that the value restored vision added to their life greatly outweighs the cost of this life-enhancing procedure.

Schedule a cataract evaluation today to discuss the future of your vision with a caring doctor of the Tylock-George Eye Care team.

Are You a Candidate for Cataract Surgery?

By age 65, over 90% of people have developed cataracts. Half of the people between age 75 to 85 have lost some vision due to cataracts. It is very common, and it’s important to find a surgeon you trust with cataract removal.

Ultimately, when cataracts start to negatively impact your eyes and vision, it’s time to explore your cataract surgery options. Your eye doctor or surgeon will be able to diagnose your cataracts, and from there, Tylock-George can provide you with the most advanced, effective methods of removal to restore your sight.

If you’re unsure if you’re a candidate for cataract surgery, take our quick and easy quiz and speak to one of our qualified cataract specialists today.


Take our quick and easy quiz and speak to one of our qualified cataract specialist today.

Cataract Surgery is Safe, Painless, and Quick

One of the most common questions we get from patients about cataract removal is does it hurt? We understand the nerves associated with eye surgery, but we are happy to inform you that cataract surgery is painless, quick, and extremely successful.

Tylock-George offers you safe, high-quality cataract removal surgeries. We are the trusted provider of vision correction surgeries for the Texas Rangers, who know the importance of quality vision and a laser eye surgeon you can trust.

Read some of our patient testimonials to hear more about how you can benefit from cataract removal with Tylock-George.

patient reviews

Extremely professional entire staff and doctors. Explained alternatives perfectly, along with pros and cons, and left final decision to me on the course of treatment we pursue. Both eye surgeries went perfectly well. Absolutely no problems. Never to wear reading glasses again!!! – Freedie

The Benefits of Cataract Surgery

At Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center, we know that by the time you’re older than 50, there’s decent chance you’re starting to suffer from cataracts. This is a huge reason why Dr. George and his team stay on the cutting-edge of cataract removal technologies and techniques, because you deserve the absolute best treatment possible.

Life is too short to accept living with clouded vision from cataracts. Clear sight allows you to continue living life uninhibited and freely, without having to worry about not being able to complete normal, day-to-day activities.

Cataracts are an unfair reality for many people, but at Tylock-George we can help you fight back. Schedule a consultation today and discuss your options with the most experienced cataract surgery team in Texas.

Lens Implant Options with Tylock-George

At Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center, we pride ourselves on offering the best, most advanced lens implant options so you can find an option that fits your lifestyle.

We carry Crystalens® AO, Trulign® Toric (for astigmatism), ReSTOR®, and Tecnis® Multifocal implants, which can deliver clear vision at any distance.


We are located in
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