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Chris Bosh’s LASIK Success Story

He maybe a member of the Miami Heat, but Chris Bosh is a Dallas native who chose
Dr. Gary Tylock to perform his LASIK surgery. He grew up in Hutchins, TX just a little
south of Dallas and began playing basketball at the age of four. In high school, Bosh
was nominated as “Mr. Basketball” by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches.
After high school, he attended Georgia Tech and after having such an outstanding
season, he decided to enter the NBA draft in 2003 and was selected fourth overall.
Not only has he gone on to be an outstanding professional basketball player, but he
is also an Olympic gold medalist.

As a basketball player, contacts were such a hassle that Chris Bosh turned to laser
vision correction as an alternative. Even if he had his contacts, the case and solution
he still had to worry if the contacts would burn his eyes. When wearing contacts
while playing basketball Chris Bosh would have to think about whether or not sweat
would get in his eyes or if his contacts would pop out. With laser vision correction
all those worries were gone and he could just focus on playing and not worry about
small details like a contact case or solution. Being able to see better, helped Bosh’s
game the very next season.

We enjoyed having Chris Bosh as a patient and getting to know him. One of the
results that Chris Bosh enjoyed the most was being able to wake up in the morning
and see without having to put in his contacts. This is a benefit that anyone can reap
from undergoing LASIK surgery; you don’t have to be a basketball player to enjoy
better vision first thing in the morning. It only makes sense that more and more
athletes are turning to LASIK to avoid the hassle of corrective lenses.

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