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5 Qualities to Look for in a LASIK Surgeon

It’s not hard to find a Dallas LASIK eye surgeon. The key to a successful procedure, however, is to make sure you are an informed patient, and know what to look for in a quality LASIK doctor. LASIK surgery is a safe, effective outpatient surgery, and over 80,000 people each year pursue it to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

You can find a good surgeon through word of mouth, by asking people you know for recommendations, but once you narrow the field, there are five qualities you should know to look for:

  1. Board Certified- This, of course, should be obvious. A board certified physician is one who is accredited by the medical profession. Proof of this certification is available through the American Medical Association or the American Academy of Opthalmology.
  2. Experienced- This is a complicated topic. It is important to find a surgeon with experience, but you may want to carefully investigate any doctor with really high numbers of surgeries. A high number of procedures may indicate that the surgeon runs the clinic like a fast food restaurant rather than healthcare. You should look for a surgeon with at least three years of experience, and over 300 surgeries under his belt.
  3. Aware of New Developments- You will want to find a surgeon who keeps up with the latest technology. Laser treatments are high tech, and technology improves at a rapid pace, so make sure your doctor is keeping up.
  4. Surrounded by Competent, Caring Staff- No matter how skilled your surgeon, it’s important that the people he works with be skilled as well. Find out if there are certified laser technicians, and certified opthalmic assistants on staff. Your own rapport with the staff is also important.
  5. Compatible with You Personally- This is one area where you can “go with your gut”. You can have the top surgeon in the world working with you, but if you’re not comfortable with his bedside manner, it’s not enough.

If you’re considering LASIK surgery, you’re certainly not alone. Thousands of people each year find relief from vision problems through LASIK. Find a good Dallas LASIK doctor, and you’ll be more than pleased with the results.