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I Voted Dr. T as “Best LASIK Surgeon in Dallas”

I’m typing out this blog right now without my annoying glasses or dried out contacts–you know, the ones that feel like they’re sucking the life out of your eyeballs and making your eyes feel itchy and dry all of the time?

I’m doing this ALL thanks to Dr. T! I knew since he was the guy that took care of the Rangers, Mavs, and Stars AND the fact that he was voted a “Best Lasik Surgeon in Dallas” for the FIFTH time in a poll of 6,000 physicians (HIS OWN PEERS!) who said this about him, I KNEW he was the choice to work on my eyes!

I had the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser and it took me longer to type that phrase out than to actually have it done!

I literally had it done mid-afternoon on a Friday and THE very next morning, I was ALREADY at work! And even going into everything, Dr. T and his staff were SO awesome with calming my nerves about it all because hey, it’s still surgery! They literally made me feel so much at ease, that I didn’t even feel like I was in an actual surgical procedure and didn’t even realize we were already done! As soon as my bottom got off of that surgery chair, my vision was already improved!! I promise you that Dr. T and his staff will give you THE same rockstar treatment they gave me and all of the athletes they’ve worked with!

On top of it all, Dr. T made it SO affordable–I’m talking payment plans with options less than a COUPLE OF BUCKS a day (That’s the price of one of those fast food combo meals I used to buy everyday.) Anyone can afford this! I changed my life, all thanks to Dr. T!

Jasmine Sadry

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