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Mike Napoli’s LASIK Story

Mike Napoli has spent the last two years as a Texas Ranger and quickly became a fan favorite after his arrival to Texas.  This fall as a free agent, during the off-season, he underwent LASIK surgery here in our office.  After seeing several teammates under go the procedure here in Dallas, he decided it was his turn.

Playing baseball isn’t just a hobby for players like Mike Napoli, it’s their way of earning a living and having vision problems can hinder their success.  Having to wear glasses while playing a sport like Baseball can be dangerous and dealing with the hassle of contacts while traveling can be a headache. LASIK is such a quick procedure with little to no downtime that many professional athletes chose to undergo the procedure and eliminate the need for corrective lenses.  Once their vision has been corrected they can then preform at their very best on the field.

In the 2011-2012 season, Mike Napoli hit over 20 homeruns and has ranked as one of the top three hitters with the greatest homerun rates since 2008.  Image what having better vision will do to his hitting averages!  Unfortunately, we will not get to see that improvement from him while he is in a Rangers’ uniform.  Last month he signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox to play first base. At Tylock LASIK, we are sad to see him leave Texas but wish him the best of luck with his new team. Be sure to keep an eye on him this next season and let’s see if he doesn’t hit a few more home runs.

As the official LASIK provider of the Texas Rangers, we have had the privilege to call many of the players’ patients and seeing one leave never gets any easier.  We sure enjoyed having Mike Napoli as a patient in our Dallas LASIK office and will miss seeing him at the Ballpark in Arlington this next season.