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Tom Gribble’s Blog

Wondering what Dallas LASIK surgeon your favorite Ticket radio host used? That’s right – Dr. Tylock! In fact, Tom Gribble even blogged about his entire experience. Here’s an excerpt from his first blog about what motivated him to get LASIK – We know many of you experience the same frustration!

I have only one word to describe my feelings towards glasses. And that word is HATE. I hate the way they way they make me look, the way they won’t stay in place and slide down my nose, the way they’re always getting dirty, the way they’re always getting lost, twisted and broken. I hate the way they fly off my face when I take my shirt off, the way they feel like you’re still wearing them when you’re not, and the way I have to wear them all of the time.

Hate, hate, hate!

Does that seem a little strong? Maybe, but let me explain. Not long after I started wearing glasses, I noticed that people treated me differently. They saw me differently. It was like I suddenly didn’t get the same respect that I did before. And I saw myself differently, too. The person I saw in the mirror wearing those glasses was NOT me. It was like looking at a stranger.

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