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20/20 Vision Post LASIK Operation

LASIK surgery is becoming more and more common, but what is your vision actually like after LASIK? It’s safe, effective, and long lasting. But how good will your vision be after the procedure? Does everyone get 20/20 vision?

A long term study of LASIK patients revealed the average vision to be 20/25. However, Dr. Tylock offers a 20/20 vision guarantee or your money back!

Whether or not you end up with perfect vision depends largely on your own genetic makeup. A patient with a lazy eye, for example, will not have 20/20 vision after completion of the procedure. The results of the procedure are dependant on various things, including your initial refraction and your own healing characteristics.

Ninety-five percent of people who have had LASIK surgery no longer need glasses for driving. That is a fairly positive outcome! A good way to think about LASIK is to look at it as a way to drastically reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts.

Occasionally, vision will regress after the surgery. In that case, enhancement procedures can be performed to “tune up” the surgery. These enhancements are generally performed three to six months after the surgery, in order to give the patients’ eyes the opportunity to stabilize first.

LASIK is a miracle solution for many people. Even for those that don’t find themselves with absolutely perfect vision afterward, it’s a great improvement. All things considered, it is a procedure that greatly enhances people’s lives.