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5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing LASIK

LASIK surgery is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to gain freedom from vision problems, glasses, and contact lenses. So, who is a candidate for LASIK? But there are some people for whom LASIK is not a possibility. The list of reasons someone may not be a good candidate is shorter:

  • Your prescription is changing. LASIK is not an option for anyone with an actively changing prescription. People under 18 aren’t candidates for this reason, but there are many other reasons your prescription may fluctuate, including hormonal changes dues to pregnancy, lactation, or diabetes, and certain medications.
  • You have an untreated condition. Uncontrolled or untreated eye disease is a contraindication for LASIK. Herpes infections in the eye, certain corneal dystrophies and arthritis are also reasons you may not be a good candidate.
  • It might interfere with your job. Certain professions prohibit refractive surgery. Make sure yours is not one of them before you make a decision. If this is you, we have another form of laser vision correction available.
  • You play rough. Those who actively participate in contact sports, where blows to the face are common, should not have LASIK. If this is you, we have another form of laser vision correction available.

Of course, all of these concerns should be addressed with your doctor. LASIK surgery is a remarkable procedure, but not for everyone. These factors regarding your health and lifestyle should be considered before you decide to meet with a LASIK surgeon.