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Protect Your Eyes From These Harmful Effects

One of the most important things you can do in taking care of yourself is to protect your eyes by using eyewear protection. Our eyesight is something we often take for granted, yet we only get one set of eyes. Eyes are very complex and dependable, but they’re also vulnerable to injury and harm. But from what do they need to be protected?

  • The Sun– Most people remember to protect their bodies and faces with sunscreen, but they often forget about their eyes. Your eyes have natural defense mechanisms against the sun, but those defenses are squinting and tearing. Doctors recommend wearing sunglasses with UV 400 protection to really protect your eyes. Wide brimmed hats that shade your face are a good idea as well.
  • Other Elements- Even people who remember to protect their eyes from the sun during the summer often forget that the sun can be just as damaging in the winter, particularly when reflected off snow. Wind can blow particles into your eyes and cause injury, and cold weather can cause dry eyes. It’s a good idea, when participating in any sort of outdoor sport, to wear sunglasses or protective goggles.
  • Injury-
    • Three out of five workplace eye injuries occur when people are not wearing protective goggles, and eye injuries in the workplace cost more than $3 million each year. Even minor injuries, like particles blown into the eye, can cause long-term problems. It’s vitally important that eyes are protected at work, through safety controls on machinery, but especially through the act of wearing the appropriate protective eye gear.
    • At home, many eye injuries can be prevented by using caution when performing everyday tasks. Wear protective eye gear when mowing the lawn, cleaning the oven, chopping wood, or doing other tasks that involve strong chemicals or airborne particles.
  • IllnessMany eye illnesses can be prevented, simply by living healthily. Eat a well-balanced diet, don’t smoke, reduce stress as much as possible, avoid sharing eye makeup, and have an annual eye exam.

Most people believe that vision is the most important of the senses.  The truth is, about 80% of what we perceive is processed through our eyes. Learning to protect these vital organs is very important, and with the proper care, you’ll be able to depend on your eyes throughout your life.