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Advantages of Undergoing LASIK

There are many lifelong benefits of LASIK surgery and the majority of patients walk away from the procedure thrilled with their end results.  Here are the top 8 benefits you can experience if you decide to undergo LASIK surgery.

1. Reduce or eliminate the need for corrective lenses.  LASIK surgery can restore clear natural vision so that you can wake up and see each day.  It can also restore peripheral vision, unlike glasses.

2. Immediate results.  Most patients report seeing results in their vision before even leaving our office.

3. Basically pain-free with little to no downtime.  Your eyes will be anesthetized (numbed) prior to the procedure, which means you will only feel slight pressure but no pain.  Because LASIK does not involve any bandages or stitches means a very quick recovery.

4. Life changing. Not only does LASIK surgery improve your vision, but it can often improve self-confidence and even give you recreational freedom for daily activities.

5. Quick procedure.  On the day of the procedure, you will be in the office for a couple of hours however the procedure itself is only a matter of seconds.

6. Relatively inexpensive.  At Tylock our goal is to provide the most advanced forms LASIK surgery at an affordable price and offer financing options.

7.Permanent solution. In most cases, patients who have undergone LASIK will never need lenses to correct their vision problems.  However, as patients age, some will require corrective lenses as their eyes weaken to help them read.

8. Long lasting savings.  After LASIK , because there is no longer a need for glasses or contact lenses you may be able to eliminate those costs from your annual budget.

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