Cataracts: The Cause, The Effect, The Solution

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Best Treatment for Cataracts

Do you experience blurry, cloudy, or foggy vision on a regular basis? Do you feel that your quality of life is hampered due to this vision impairment? You aren’t alone; there may be a good chance you’re experiencing a symptom of cataracts.

Cataracts are a common vision impairment that develops in a number of different ways. It can be cured, but not many seek improvement, and their quality of life is severely impaired. Cataracts can form as a reaction to trauma, toxic substances, other medical problems, and certain drugs. Cataracts can also form in infants who develop congenital cataracts. Today, we’re going to explore the cause and effects of cataracts, and then the brilliant solution offered by Tylock LASIK.

The Cause of Cataracts

Interestingly enough, for all the research that the medical scientists of our day have performed on this perplexing ailment, no conclusive evidence has ever been shown to display a direct cause of Cataracts. We know that it can be caused by an infection in unborn babies who have congenital rubella syndrome, and that old age can bring on cataracts in adults, as well as other vision-impairing problems. Despite the lack of a known cause to cataracts, there is a cure to its effect on our vision. Today, the technology exists to reverse all harmful disturbances that eye cataracts can cause in your daily quality of living.

The Effect of Cataracts

Cataracts robs its subjects with ease of life. It makes their vision severely impaired through blurring, fogging, and clouding up one’s vision. The healthy human eye functions much like a camera. (Or perhaps vice versa) Light rays enter through the eye and pass through the cornea, transparent fluid in the front of the eye called the aqueous humor, and then the pupil which goes into the lens. The lens then bends the light rays to focus the objects you’re looking at onto the retina lining the back of the eye. From there, the image is processed into the brain to compose what you’re looking at.

A buildup of protein in the lens causes it to be cloudy. The buildup causes keep light from clearly passing through the lens, which affects the vision of the subject. This buildup is called Cataracts.

The Solution to Cataracts

Cataract surgery is making the dream of living without bifocals or reading glasses a reality for many people who have not thought it possible. Because of the revolutionary breakthroughs in lens implant technology, our patients can correct their cataracts in one procedure. The professionals at Tylock LASIK are proud to offer some of the best LASIK services in the industry. Take your life back and get the vision that you deserve.

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