Pedro, The Winner of Free LASIK, Talks About his Experience

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How I Felt When I Won

Naturally, I was extremely excited when I read I had won the contest. I felt a flurry of confused emotions all at the same time. I was happy I had won!  I could hardly believe it. But I was anxious too because I didn’t know if I was a candidate for LASIK yet. Fortunately for me, Dr. Tylock and his team quickly laid all my doubts to rest. I was scheduled to come in for my pre-op exam just the next day.

My First Visit to the Office

When I came in, I was warmly greeted at the front desk. One of the technicians was kind enough to explain what we would be doing that day. She was patient and kind and stopped several times to answer each of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were. I never felt rushed or as if I were an inconvenience. Dr. Tylock’s team gave me a level of attention I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

There were several pre-op exams. Each technician I worked with introduced themselves and made me feel welcome. None of the exams were rushed. By the end of the tests, the level of professionalism and thoroughness of the team gave me so much comfort that I was no longer worried about the procedure. After the tests, I was ready and anxious to finally go through with LASIK!

Day of LASIK

I showed up early in the morning, wearing comfortable clothes. Dr. Tylock’s staff made me feel comfortable and had me relax in the most comfortable waiting room I’ve ever been to. I talked with a few other patients that were having their procedure done that morning as well. Each of them spoke highly of their experience. We were all very excited to go into the next room.

Dr. Tylock was waiting for me there, standing next to his top-of-the-line laser. It was impressive. By that time, the numbing drops had gone into full effect, but I didn’t feel any different. Dr. Tylock made sure I couldn’t feel anything. It was surreal; I couldn’t feel my eyes, but they didn’t feel any different than how they normally felt. They made sure I was comfortable. The room was a bit chilly, so they offered me a warm and comfortable blanket. I was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep.

I’m sorry I can’t write too much more about the actual experience, but once I laid down, the procedure was over within five minutes. I felt a little bit of pressure over my eyes, but nothing else. I came out seeing a bit blurry, but Dr. Tylock explained this was normal. He was very patient and explained how I would have to take care of my eyes for the coming days. He was thorough and made sure I understood it was important to use the eyedrops he prescribed. By the time I left (wearing some goofy sunglasses), I could begin to see clearly.

I went home and took a nice long nap. It was a good five-hour nap, but the sleeping pill Dr. Tylock provided me made sure I slept like a baby. By the time I woke up, I could see clearly. It was amazing. While I don’t know if my results are typical, I can see better now than I could see with my glasses.

First Morning Glasses Free

The next day, I went back to Dr. Tylock for a quick exam, just to make sure my eyes were healing properly. Once again, his staff was nothing but professional and courteous. I left his office confident and smiling.

Two Weeks Out

I spent my first week standing next to a lot of windows. I work on the 28th floor of a skyscraper, but I had never been able to see the skyline with such absolute clarity. Suddenly, everything was so much more beautiful than it was before. I feel as if I can see every single blade of grass in a field. It’s absolutely amazing. I love running, too, and LASIK completely transformed the way I run. Not only is it more enjoyable because my surroundings are that much more beautiful, but I don’t have to worry about my glasses sliding off my nose because of the sweat. It’s just me and the road, as it should be. I don’t need any stinkin’ glasses anymore! And for that, I will be forever thankful to Dr. Tylock. LASIK has truly changed my life.