What To Expect During Your Cataract Surgery Procedure

Offering the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas Area Advanced Cataract Surgery


Thanks to recent advancements in technology and surgical techniques, cataract surgery has become one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures performed today. Each year over 1 million cataract procedures are performed in the United States. This is same procedure used to implant the Crystalens® AO, ReSTOR® and TECNIS® MultifocalAdvanced Technology Lens Implants“. Performing these treatments on residents throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area has helped us to reduce our patients’ dependency on reading glasses and bifocals. Michael R. George, M.D. offers the most advanced technology lenses and professional experience for your cataract lens replacement surgery.

Cataract Surgery – What to Expect

Dr. Michael R. George performs cataract surgery in a modern outpatient surgical facility with a team of skilled professionals and the very latest technology.

During the procedure a patient can expect to be kept comfortable and their eye to remain numb until the process is completed. A small probe that uses ultrasound waves, known as a phacoemulsifier, gently removes the cataract. A tiny self-sealing incision allows for quick healing and rarely requires sutures. Once our Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area patients are prepared for the procedure at our surgical center in Dallas, the actual cataract surgery takes less than 20 minutes. Once surgery is completed, additional drops are placed in your eye to prevent infection and decrease inflammation. The vast majority of our patients return to normal daily activities less than 24 hours after their procedure. The patient is seen at the office the next day to check healing and will be given postoperative instructions.

Are you a candidate for cataract surgery?

If you are interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, contact Tylock-George Eye Care and LASIK in Irving, Texas. Serving Dallas / Fort Worth area patients, we can schedule a cataract surgery or “Advanced Technology Lens Implant” consultation at your convenience to determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Tylock-George Eye Care & LASIK Center near Dallas and Fort Worth – Advanced Technology Lens Implant Cataract Surgery

For many people in their late 40s or older, the dream of a life less dependent on reading glasses and bifocals is becoming a reality thanks to revolutionary breakthroughs in lens implant technology. Tylock-George Eye Care and LASIK Center is proudly offering advanced technology cataract procedures in the Dallas, Ft Worth area with the Crystalens® AO, ReSTOR®, and TECNIS® MultifocalAdvanced Technology Lens Implants“. These “Advanced Technology Lens Implants” deliver the highest level of glasses-free vision available for patients with presbyopia or cataracts.

How do lens implants work?

Most people’s near vision remains functional until sometime into their 40s. At that time, the eye’s natural crystalline lens begins to gradually thicken and harden, making it difficult for the muscles to automatically focus the lens. As this process continues the next step is the development of cataracts. By replacing this natural crystalline lens with the Crystalens® AO, ReSTOR® and TECNIS® MultifocalAdvanced Technology Lens Implants“. Dr. Tylock can help his patients with restored vision at near and far with minimal need for glasses.

Tylock-George Eye Care Offers The Highest Level of Professional and Experienced Eye Care:

At Tylock-George Eye Care & LASIK Center, we focus on three key elements: education, experience, and technology. This approach allows us to provide our patients with a superior level of eye care. As Director and Chief Surgeon at Tylock-George Eye Care & LASIK Center, cataract surgeon Michael R. George, M.D. brings extensive educational background and experience to his patients. Tylock-George Eye Care and LASIK Center offers the Crystalens® AO, ReSTOR® and TECNIS® MultifocalAdvanced Technology Lens Implants“. The center is located in Irving, Texas, which provides total vision care to the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Dr. George’s commitment to using the latest advancements in technology insures optimum results for every patient.

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