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Cataract Surgery in Texas

At Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, we are proud to offer many different procedures to assist in achieving clearer vision. One of our featured treatments is high-quality cataract surgery.

Recent advancements in cataract surgery have made it one of the safest and most effective laser eye surgeries available, with over one million being performed every year in the United States. Our own cataract surgeon, Michael R. George, M.D., offers the most advanced technology in intraocular lenses (IOLs), helping to reduce patients’ need for bifocals and reading glasses as they start to develop cataracts over time.

What is a Cataract?

Cataracts occur when the eye’s natural crystalline lens — one of the primary structures responsible for clear vision — becomes clouded. Cataracts can develop at any age, but people over the age of 40 face a higher risk of developing cataracts. The process of developing cataracts can be very slow and take many years to be noticeable. This is why it’s important to get regular check-ups for cataracts and other age-related eye conditions, especially after the age of 40.

Cataracts Will Happen


When the cataract is developing, the eye will become more nearsighted. As the cataract progresses, the lens of your eye will become more and more cloudy, reducing vision. The only way to restore vision to what it was is to have either traditional or laser cataract surgery, which replaces the clouded lens with an artificial intraocular lens.

Cataract surgery is the most common eye procedure performed, simply because cataracts are so common. Our team of professional eye doctors offer the latest technology for cataract surgery in Dallas. The procedure is simple — it’s performed on an outpatient basis, takes around half an hour from start to finish, and recovery typically only takes a few days.


What Causes Cataracts?

Cataracts can be caused or worsened by several factors, including:

  • Age
  • Smoking Cigarettes
  • Birth Defects
  • Environmental Factors such; Diseases, Chemicals, Medications, or Smoke
  • Eye Trauma
  • Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation

What to Expect from Cataract Surgery

At Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, all cataract surgeries are performed in a clean, modern surgical facility by a team of highly trained professionals led by Dr. George.

Cataract Surgery Dallas

During the procedure, the eye is kept numb with a local anesthetic for maximum comfort throughout cataract surgery. A tiny incision is created by the eye surgeon, which allows for a phacoemulsifier (a small probe that uses ultrasound waves) to gently remove the clouded lens. The cataract treatment itself takes less than 20 minutes to perform.

Following the procedure, eye drops will be placed in the eye to decrease inflammation and prevent infection, allowing for a faster and easier recovery period. Most patients find that they are able to resume normal daily activities less than 24 hours following their cataract treatment.

During the Cataract Surgery

The cataract surgery itself is a two-step procedure. The first step is removing the cloudy lens from the eye. The cataract will be gently broken up (this can be done with either a laser or ultrasound probe) and removed from the eye through a very small incision.

After the cataract is out, a new lens is needed to assist in focusing after the surgery. Intraocular lenses (IOLs), made of a plastic-like material, are inserted to restore the vision. These implants are available in many different strengths, making each surgery specialized to the extent of the condition. Prior to your procedure, your ophthalmologist will perform multiple measurements to determine the appropriate intraocular lens for you.

The IOL that your doctor chooses for you will also depend on a discussion about your lifestyle. Some premium intraocular devices enhance vision over a certain distance, or night vision, for example.

Who is a Candidate for Cataract Surgery in our Texas locations?

If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for cataract surgery, you can either take our cataract self-test or contact Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center to schedule a consultation with our top-rated ophthalmologist. From there, we will determine what procedure will best treat your cataracts.

Restoring Vision with Intraocular Lens Implants

Because of the recent innovations in cataract surgery, people over the age of 40 are finding that they need to rely less and less on reading glasses and bifocals. Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center is proud to provide high-quality cataract surgery for Dallas, Fort Worth residents by offering the Tecnis SynergyVivity, and the Panoptix Multifocal Lens. These intraocular lenses deliver glasses-free vision at many different distances.


As the eye becomes older, the natural crystalline lens begins to thicken and become harder, making it difficult for the eye’s muscles to automatically focus the lens. Because the lens cannot focus, it begins to get cloudy, causing a cataract. When the cataract is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens, patients can experience restored vision at both near and far distances with minimal need for glasses, something that previously wasn’t thought possible.

Prior to Intraocular Lens Implants

Before having cataract surgery, it is very important for you and your eye surgeon to discuss the outcomes you want from the procedure. At Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center, we provide various options for lens implants that will make vision at different distances clearer following surgery. Every laser eye surgery we carry out is customized depending on the patient, so you can rest assured that no matter your eye condition, our eye doctors will be able to help you see better.

The Tylock Advantage

At Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, our practice combines three components we refer to as the Tylock Advantage: education, experience, and technology.

This approach allows us to provide our patients with a superior level of eye care procedures in one of the safest and most well-known eye care facilities throughout the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. As Director and Chief Surgeon at Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, cataract surgeon Dr. Michael George brings extensive educational background and experience to his patients. Dr. George focuses on using only the latest and most reliable technology available to achieve the total vision for his patients. By utilizing the  Tecnis SynergyVivity, and the Panoptix Multifocal Lens, Dr. George demonstrates his commitment to providing safe and effective cataract surgery in Dallas and Fort Worth with state-of-the-art technology. Dr. George also uses the latest in technology lenses with the Panoptix, Vivity, and Tecnic Synergy lenses. We use these lenses daily and with fantastic success.

The LASIK Assurance

We understand that you purpose for choosing an advance technology lens is to reduce or eliminate your dependency on glasses or contacts. We are extremely confident in Dr. George’s ability to achieve that goal, that we offer LASIK/PRK at no charge* to assure you of optimal visual outcomes. (*There will be no charge for a LASIK/PRK procedure completed within your global period, however there is a $92 fee for medication.)

Schedule your consultation today at Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center by visiting our page here, or call us at (972)-210-0442. We look forward to discussing the eye treatments available that would help you see more clearly in the future!