Alex Rake
Alex Rake
Grace was absolutely amazing! She was attentive and helpful with walking me through the process and helped explain things so that I would have a better understanding. Dr. Pazandak was also Awesome he was relatable and efficient and super nice. All in all 10/10 would absolutely recommend Tylock George to anyone.
wayne whited
wayne whited
Alway very kind, very professional.
JoAnn Garza
JoAnn Garza
Every time I go to this place I have a great experience the receptionist is amazing very very friendly will talk to you even if she’s busy she’ll still acknowledge that you’re standing in front of her the doctor is great the nurses are awesome if you need your eyes done I would recommend Tylock George 100 times
Chiedza Nyasha
Chiedza Nyasha
Everyone had excellent customer service! Especially appreciated them after having had a horrible experience at am imaging place. Very refreshing!!!
Very thorough, professional and friendly
Lauren Stephens
Lauren Stephens
Better than 20/20 vision in a matter of minutes. Surgeon to office staff - kind, efficient and knowledgeable. A+ experience! Don’t know why I waited so long to do this for myself. Thank you!!
Girardo Baham
Girardo Baham
Awesome staff
kenna johnson
kenna johnson
Exam was very thorough and staff was very professional and very kind. Dr George explained everything to my satisfaction.

Expanding Visual Possibilities with the Clareon ® Vivity™ — developed by leading cataract lens provider Alcon®

What Are Clareon® Vivity™ Lenses?

The Clareon® Vivity™ advanced cataract surgery lens features X-Wave™ technology, which provides superior distance vision quality, and excellent intermediate and near vision. The lenses use this technology to stretch and shift light as it enters your retina, enhancing your focus depth. The Vivity™ lens is FDA Approved and is the superior choice over a standard lens. It’s also available in a toric version for patients with astigmatism.

What Are the Benefits of Clareon® Vivity™ Lenses?

Vivity™ lenses are a new advancement in premium intraocular lenses (IOLs), which are implanted into your eye during cataract surgery. The lenses’ unique X-Wave™ technology provides increased protection and uses light rays to optimize your vision in ways that haven’t been possible until now. While other IOLs can enhance your vision, only Vivity™ lenses can improve it without the splitting light into various focal points, meaning you can say goodbye to halos, glare, and other visual imperfections.

The Enhanced Technology of the Clareon® Vivity™

The Vivity™ IOL has so much more to offer than just X-Wave™ technology, including:

  • Excellent distance and in-between vision
  • Capability to use nearly all transmitted light that comes into the eye
  • Enhanced ability to see up close
  • Option to correct astigmatism if necessary
  • Protection from the sun’s UV rays and harmful blue light from devices

Are Vivity™ Lenses Right for You?

Most likely yes, especially if you’re looking to improve your eyesight after cataract surgery. The Vivity™ IOL is particularly great for patients who spend a lot of time performing activities that require a lot of visual focus, such as reading, sewing, and using the computer. We’ll help you find the lens that’s best for your needs during a consultation.

Vivity™ Lenses in TYLOCK George Eye Care

A Trusted Brand in Enhanced Vision

The Clareon® Vivity™ was developed by Alcon®, who has a strong history of crafting top-quality vision correction solutions. This lens has been FDA Approved for improving vision after cataract surgery or following another refractive surgery, including PRK and LASIK. The experienced and knowledgeable surgical team at Tylock-George Eye Care can help you find the choice that’s best for you during your personalized consultation.

Keith ChampyKeith Champy
17:52 28 Dec 22
Everyone was kind. professional and courteous!Dr. George was professional, kind and thorough with his examination of my eyes. He explained to me in layman's terms exactly what all the test results meant and what future options I have to move forward with any procedures I can take to correct vision in my right eye. Dr. George changed the lens in my left eye in 2015 due to cataracts. To this day, I have 20/20 vision in that eye. I have a follow up visit to discuss changing the lens in my right eye to correct and increase my vision there as well.I highly recommend Dr. George and his staff! They are an awesome team! Thank you!
Colleen parkerColleen parker
16:06 21 Nov 22
Worst worst worst place ever! Run far away if you’re thinking about lasik here, or any eye ANYTHING. The most unprofessional and rude staff I have ever come into contact with. I’ve had to get my lasik touched up which was a second round of recovery. The wait times in the office are absolutely absurd. If you have hours to wait and nothing but time on your hands to deal with unprofessionalism, this is the the place for you! Not to mention how much money they are making in this place but can’t update the building at all. It’s disgusting and very outdated!
Dale KnowlesDale Knowles
13:05 13 Nov 22
A great experience! The staff was extremely accommodating and very welcoming. Everyone did a great job answering my questions and explaining every step of the process. You all put me completely at ease about the operation. Thank you so much for the gift of sight without glasses!
Kelsey HKelsey H
15:31 05 Nov 22
The staff at the McKinney location was so amazing. Everyone was friendly and it was very clean. My surgery itself was at the Irving location. The Dr was very comforting. The surgery tech made me feel comfortable as I was starting to get a little anxious. The experience over all was so stress free and easily explained. I’m very happy with my decision to trust Tylock-George with my vision! Highly recommend.
Grizel RGrizel R
19:22 02 Aug 22
Overall , I am pleased with my experience. Dr. George is an excellent surgeon. The staff is always friendly, courteous and helpful; always willing to provide answers to my numerous questions. My only disappointment is that I did not achieve 20/20 vision in both eyes. Nevertheless, the surgery did improve my vision. During my last visit Dr. Sánchez was very thorough in her examination and addressed all my concerns.
Danielle RisingerDanielle Risinger
19:25 30 Jul 22
They were overall amazing.. Dr. George worked me through the whole process and never made me feel nervous. I saw 20/15 the day after I had my eyes done. The nurses and everyone there made me feel very comfortable. I had a very great experience with them!!
Nicolle VelezNicolle Velez
03:43 20 May 22
Nice and professional staff. But I was basically ghosted after giving them $200 for my dilation for LASIK. They were supposed to talk to the surgeon to see if they were willing to do LASIK. I haven’t heard back. I don’t even care anymore.Also, long wait times, just like others have said. I had to wait an hour to be seen. (Which has happened twice now). Then after placing the drops in my eyes to dilate them I waited another hour. Just unacceptable. Stop booking too many clients at once.I went to another office for a second opinion and they stated they would not recommend doing LASIK on someone with my high prescription… They showed me their reasoning based off calculations they made. Had I went with Tylock, I would’ve had a procedure done on me that I’m not a candidate for. Sure, it’s all opinion and medicine is not a perfect science, but the other office provided evidence to show why I shouldn’t get LASIK. Wild. This place was not for me.
Kevin GannawayKevin Gannaway
18:06 27 Feb 20
My whole experience here went well. The staff is awesome. The place runs like a well oiled machine. None of the regular Dr/Dentist visit annoyances. I was informed of what to expect throughout the process. Dr Sanchez and Dr George are personable and willing to answer all my questions. Even though Dr George made me listen to “Material Girl” during surgery, he’s still alright in my book. He tried to blame it on one of the nurses or techs...but I know it’s his fav.
Adam FergusonAdam Ferguson
18:10 12 Feb 20
Had my procedure two weeks ago and am seeing better than I ever have. They walk you through every step of the process and it makes everything that much more relaxing. Top notch doctors and assistants.
Shelby DuncanShelby Duncan
22:44 28 Jan 20
This is a great experience. The staff was very nice, helpful and experienced. Dr George was awesome. I was a new patient and was there less than 2 hours from start to finish! I would recomend this office to anyone.
Caroline KofstadCaroline Kofstad
18:30 15 Jan 20
Staff very thorough on follow up visit and Dr. George is very professional and thorough. Provides excellent explanation as well as what to expect going forward. Spends as much time as needed with patients instead of hurrying us in and out.
Debe ArandaDebe Aranda
22:23 11 Jan 20
Once it was determined I needed cataract surgery for both eyes, I felt well cared for during all the exams. I was nervous with the first surgery as the process wasn't fully explained. I've had no pain or recovery problems. I wish I could have met with my surgeon, Dr George, to find out if everything went as planned. Dr. Hayes was quite informative during his exams. Overall I had a great experience and have 20/20 vision after wearing glasses for 55 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. George to anyone.
Wayne AlexanderWayne Alexander
22:39 07 Jan 20
The staff were all very nice and helpful.I told them of my uncomfortable last visit and was told that the person involved was no longer there. Then a rep came in and closed the door so we could have a talk about the last experience, He was very concerned and re-informed me that said person was no longer there. We had a nice conversation after that.The rest of the visit was very comfortable and I was told my eyesight had not changed and I had no signs of age related problems even though I am 77 and a type II diabetic. I was very relieved since my mother had wet macular degeneration in he late years. She lived to 100 plus 11 months. She was a voracious reader. When she could no longer read paper back books I bought her a Kindle and she loved it. I wondered about introducing a 92 year old to modern implements and was pleased she took it up so easily. She gave up on it at about 99.Whoops, got side tracked...
Maria M MartinezMaria M Martinez
00:22 20 Dec 19
Everyone was very attentive & friendly. They really made me feel easy & secure there. Great job everyone!!
Katherine WrightKatherine Wright
21:30 19 Dec 19
Dr George & staff excellent, knowledgeable, informed, kind & caring. In my opinion they are the best. That’s why I don’t mind driving approx 50 miles to entrust my eyes/vision to the best I highly recommend them to all
Ryan PollakRyan Pollak
20:43 16 Dec 19
Thank you Dr. George for giving me a better quality of life. I have had glasses and contacts since before I can remember. Easy procedure and hardly any downtime. Go see Dr. George.
L BradleyL Bradley
19:57 13 Dec 19
Quick service friendly receptionist and front desk. Dr. Sanchez always excellent! Peter, her Scribe also excellent. Would recommend!
John FabrizioJohn Fabrizio
20:11 04 Dec 19
All of your people are very nice and caring. I always feel like I have been very well taken care of and trust everything you have done for me. Thank you, John Fabrizio
Deryl CorleyDeryl Corley
19:05 04 Dec 19
Overall experience was very good. The front desk lady was a little stiff and not overly friendly. Maybe she’d had a hard day before my arrival. Everyone else was very professional and very friendly, especially with answering all our questions. Would highly recommend going to Tylock-George for cataract surgery.
Bob LytleBob Lytle
20:36 02 Dec 19
Most office personnel were very professional and very nice. Dr Hayes took very good care of me. Dr George. I would have liked to have communicated with him more. So far, everything going very well with my recovery.
Jack WeinzierlJack Weinzierl
03:36 28 Nov 19
My wife just had PRK surgery with Dr. George last Friday. Today was her second follow up appointment and she is so excited for the results. Everyone from our first contact with Nathan Carroll, to the nurses, to Dr. George, were professional. Thank you for helping Stephanie get back to 20/20 vision after 30+ years of glasses and contacts. I look forward to getting my 20/20 vision in 2020.
jerrytheluckyman .jerrytheluckyman .
22:44 25 Nov 19
I had cataract surgery on both eyes. I have perfect vision now because of Dr. George's great work. I did not feel pain or discomfort during and after the whole process. I highly recommend Tylock-George Eye Care.
Alyssa McKenzieAlyssa McKenzie
22:34 25 Nov 19
I'm really happy I chose Tylock-George for my LASIK surgery. They do their best to make sure you are comfortable the whole time you are in their hands, from my first email that let me know what to expect from my assessment appointment (to prepare for it to be longer than an average eye exam), to carefully talking through surgery questions, to the respect shown to my things while I went back to surgery, and finally blankets in the surgery room and a very keen awareness that this is not "everyday" for you. I would definitely recommend them.
Tennia ColeTennia Cole
19:03 08 Nov 19
I was there a long time. People were wonderful and helpful. The process was long and slow but that's ok. The very last thing that occurred was the treatment for which I went there. It lasted about forty minutes total. The treatment was not painful and felt good to my eyes. This is the day after and I don't feel any difference in my eye's dryness. The cost was exorbitant for the benefit. I can't think of any reason to go for another one.
Julio RangelJulio Rangel
13:46 17 Oct 19
I just wanted to thank Dr. George and his staff for such a great experienced during the process of my Lasik surgery. Things went really well and my vision is great. Everyone in this office was so helpful since the first day I came into the office. They provided great information and answered all my questions. Very easy and smooth process. I fully recommend Tylock-George Eye Care!!
Patrick WisdomPatrick Wisdom
18:39 10 Oct 19
Everyone at Tylock-George Eye Care went above and beyond my expectations to make sure I was comfortable and the job was done correctly. They really care for your well being. Highly recommend this place for your eye care!
McKade MarshallMcKade Marshall
19:55 06 Sep 19
Absolutely loved my LASIK experience with Dr. George and the entire staff. Great bedside manner. Everyone is really kind, and they are informative throughout the entire process. Dr. George is incredible to work with, and it feels so good to say goodbye to all of my irritating contacts! Highly recommend.
Jacqulyn DudaskoJacqulyn Dudasko
18:53 04 Sep 19
From the moment I walked into the office, the experience was positive and reassuring. After an awful experience with my last eye exam, it was encouraging to be taken care of by each person that I met. I will definitely tell everyone about the fantastic service and professional medical care.
Houri VosgerichianHouri Vosgerichian
15:45 19 Aug 19
I would CONFIDENTLY recommend Dr. Michael George at Tylock-George Eye Care Center to take care of you with your cataract surgery or any eye problem. From my initial contact with his office to my cataract surgery (last week) the experience has been very relaxing, calming and confident with a STALLER brilliant cataract surgery. So much so that no one could tell I had surgery done on my eye even the first day! no pain, no bruise, no sign of discomfort. Dr. George is a very kind, humble and caring Surgeon, the patient is his number one priority and makes you feel like you are his only patient, though he is SUPER busy. He is easily accessible and answers every question patiently, with great detail and still asks if you have any more questions. I am so glad I chose Dr. George for my cataract surgery from amongst many other good doctors. In my opinion and experience, Dr. George is the BEST! I am looking forward for my second eye surgery in a week and a half. Thank you Dr. George and God Bless YOU!
Barbara JonesBarbara Jones
21:00 07 Aug 19
I am seeing the world through new eyes after my multifocal cataract lens replacement.. From the very first phone call when you actually speak with someone who is very friendly and knowledgeable to the moment your surgery is completed it was a painless and quite pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. George and each of his employees for their great service and knowledge and appreciate their kindness and professionalism. Five stars from me !
Roger CatlinRoger Catlin
00:37 06 Aug 19
Dr. George and his staff are amazing. I asked a ton of questions, all of which were answered with patience and clarity. The pricing for cataract surgery, and premium lenses, is very competitive. The procedure was totally pain free. Three days post op, I can already tell that my vision will be much, much better than before.
Meredith DuganMeredith Dugan
21:42 05 Aug 19
My initial appointment was easy and the information provided about how long the appointment would take was accurate which allowed me to plan accordingly. The appointment was very through. All of the employees I came in contact with (doing the tests, walking me through the process, discussing the procedure, and checking me out) were very professional and calming. Each person listened to my questions and provided detailed explanations. Booking the initial appointment and the procedure was easy and convenient. I will update post-procedure.
Fane HeimoanaFane Heimoana
19:06 05 Aug 19
Thank you so much for everything! My dad’s first cataract surgery was awesome and great. Appreciate all your hard work! Definitely recommend this place for anyone that is in need for cataract surgery.
Steve HenrySteve Henry
23:15 31 Jul 19
First time patient here. Set up was quick & easy. Almost no wait to see the Dr. Very professional, efficient and explained everything. Highly recommended!
Steven LloydSteven Lloyd
22:15 31 Jul 19
Dr. George and his entire team are amazing! They always take the time necessary to do a thorough exam and I feel confident in each team members specialized skills. I highly recommend this clinic!
Michael RayMichael Ray
23:10 20 Jul 19
Dr George was recommended to me by a friend who has worked in eye care for many years. Dr. George is the best. I would recommend him to anyone, and my wife and daughter will be making appointments soon. I had cataract surgery and am very pleased.
Debbie KayDebbie Kay
19:53 05 Jul 19
Great place! I drive from Ft. Worth for any check-uo on my eyes. Very thorough doctors and techs. I love it there. When I leave, I know I've done the best for my eyes.
Ed HowlandEd Howland
23:03 26 Jun 19
Very nice visit throughout. I was tended to by no less than three professionals and had questions for each which were met with courteous and thoughtful replies. This visit was much better than the routine “which is better, one or two, one or two, ...”
Cameron SivjiCameron Sivji
17:54 20 Jun 19
I went to get a check to see if I was qualified for a lasik vision surgery. This is my third place I've had an appointment with to get my eyes checked. I had to make sure that I'm getting the best deal at the best price, It's a big investment. All the other check up I've been to and looked at online have free checks to see if you qualify. But this greedy company charges you $175, and there was no sign also I looked online to see if they had the price online and they didn't. They told me that the 175 would be taken off the main surgery bill, so without researching or looking into other companies I now have to get it done here even though they are more expensive than the rest or else I lose 175.
Roz StraughterRoz Straughter
22:48 22 May 19
Friendly staff but I waited an hour from my appointment time to be seen. My issue on top of the wait is they make you sign a contract saying if you are 15 late they can charge you! Your service should be more timely with that kind of paperwork. Don't be greedy and book people together and make them wait. We pay for your time... Respect the patients!
Oralia MarronOralia Marron
22:13 17 May 19
I had a great experience on my previous visit. All team members are very dedicated and professional. Questions and concerns were specifically explained. I would most definitely recommend this office to my family and friends.
Very smooth and easy. They were very detailed about the surgery. 1st when i had the exam they were very attentive even before and after surgery they were there to make sure i had all the answers and instructions. I would recommend them very helpful and awesome people. The lasik was fast and easy and very simple. If i had another chance i would do it again! Even after a follow up they were always very helpful and responsive!!!
Lauren EllisLauren Ellis
18:48 30 Apr 19
What a great experience! Usually I'm a high anxious person with these things and the staff was more than supportive and made me very comfortable! My vision is 20/15 now and I'm delighted about it. I would highly recommend Tylock-George!
Willa RobertsWilla Roberts
21:25 26 Apr 19
Best eye care you could imagine. Very professional, thorough and great patient care. I had two cataract procedures and I am very grateful and thankful for an amazing outcome. Many thanks to both Dr. George, Dr. Hays and the entire team for their quality care and service. I appreciate all of you so much.
christi walkerchristi walker
18:32 26 Apr 19
The Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center had come through a recommendation from my regular optometrist when I developed blurriness and pain in one eye. An appointment was set up within a couple of days and the required procedure was completed in a week. Everyone on staff throughout the entire office made me feel welcomed and at ease. Each step, from eye drops to the laser procedure, was explained to the fullest and I was given ample time to ask questions and become comfortable.I will highly recommend Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center anyone, Thank you again for the wonderful care.
Yasmin GomezYasmin Gomez
13:48 25 Apr 19
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Everything was explained thoroughly. Procedure was fast and simple!
Randy SchallerRandy Schaller
13:35 22 Apr 19
This has been one of the very best experiences in my life. The team is very friendly and professional. They are all so helpful and informative about all of our surgical options. Dr George is a brilliant surgeon with outstanding bedside manner. The front desk team is very welcoming and I love that they all are fluent in Spanish. I had the chance to meet with both surgical counselors and I cannot say enough how comfortable I felt with them. Dr. Sanchez is also fluent in Spanish, which was very helpful for my fiance. I really couldn't ask for a better experience.
15:29 01 Feb 19
Dr. George did my surgery and everything was excellent. His staff was also just as excellent. Everything from the initial exam to the after having the surgery was well explained and streamlined to make it easy. I have been in glasses/contacts for over 20 years. I wish I would have contacted them a long time ago. My surgery was 2 weeks ago, and I have been seeing 20/20 ever since. Simply put, the whole process has been amazing.
Chris HuettenmuellerChris Huettenmueller
14:44 21 Dec 18
Staff was very helpful. The whole procedure was explained thoroughly and multiple times so you really knew what to expect the day of. The change in my eyes is amazing and I am now 20/15. I have had glasses since I was 4 years old and contacts at the age of 11. This has made such a great change in my life. Appointments were on time and hassle free. Highly recommend.
alina pindaalina pinda
17:23 22 Oct 18
I just got my surgery done this past Friday, Im very grateful of this place it has change my life forever. I woke up the next day with a 20/20 vision it feels amazing to be able to see again without having to wear glasses and I'm able to see better than when I had to wear glasses. I was terrified to get Lasik at first, but once I checked out the reviews and seen how this place is trusted by high-profile athletes it changed my mind quick, and thanks to Angelica for guiding me through this process as well. She also made things so much easier for me she was checking up on me the day before surgery and after surgery making sure I did not freak out and just hearing about her experience made me feel much better. The staff and doctors are amazing as well. I will definitely be referring my friends and family.
Danny TranDanny Tran
18:31 15 Oct 18
Staff was great and very helpful. They walk me through every process of the procedure! Felt very comfortable being there and while in surgey. Ask for Jeanne 🙂
Jennifer NguyenJennifer Nguyen
23:29 07 Sep 18
This place is amazing! The staff here at Tylock-Geroge are so kind, polite and professional. Initially I had came in for a LASIK consultation. Due to my high prescription, I was not a good candidate for LASIK or PRK since it would leave my cornea too thin, but was advised to be a good candidate for Visian ICL. When I first got here, I was really nervous but Jeanne went ABOVE and BEYOND to make me feel at home. I was really nervous but she helped calm me down and explained everything to me with detail and answered the MILLIONS of questions that I had. (Seriously, shout out to Jeanne! I probably would have chickened out if it wasn't for you). On the appointment before my procedure, I was able to meet Dr. George who performed an iridotomy on both eyes. He talked me through the procedure and answered any additional questions that I had. On the day of my ICL procedure, my eyes were checked once again and I was given a sublingual tablet (MKO melt) to help me relax during the procedure, pupils were dilated, numbing drops, etc, etc you know the drill. The procedure lasted about 10-15 minutes each eye. It was quick and painless and I was able to see as soon as the procedure was done! I went from -10 and -11 with astigmatism to seeing 20/25 on my next day (less than 18 hours after the procedure). As my eyes heal within the next 2 days, I should be seeing 20/20 or even better! Waking up and being able to see is the best feeling ever and I would a thousand times highly recommend Tylock-George to anybody who is looking into getting LASIK/PRK or Visian ICL.
Cynthia RoblesCynthia Robles
19:20 02 Aug 18
I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and the experience could not be better. I felt very comfortable before, during and after the surgery. All employees are super attentive. Pedro was the one who treated me 2 weeks after the surgery and he was very nice, answered all my questions. I definitely will recommend friends and family.
Monica AntonacciMonica Antonacci
22:49 08 Jul 18
Absolutely amazing office!! I am young and ended up with cataracts. I went to see Dr. George for a second opinion and extremely glad I did. Dr. George and his staff are top notch! They take the time to explain everything and give you all your options. There is no pressure for surgery. All the pros and cons of each option are discussed before you make a decision. Dr. George takes the time to answer all of your questions and to explain all the procedures. I ended up going the surgery route and even that has been a breeze. The staff is always smiling and very friendly. They also take the time to explain everything before and after surgery. They also make sure everything is going extremely well after surgery and will make adjustments accordingly. I cannot say enough good things about Tylock-George Eye Care. I would 100% recommend them to all my friendships family!!
Sun DaySun Day
12:38 26 Jun 18
It’s been six months since my surgery. I went from legally blind to better than 20/20. The staff have been great From my initial consultation and exam to my follow up visits. Dr. George was amazing and has bedside manner that calms you. He will talk you through the whole process and in just a few moments it’s over! I can see and this has changed my life. I just took the vision restriction off of my license which was an added bonus. I would recommend them to anyone.
Doug ArendellDoug Arendell
13:22 03 Dec 16
My wife used these guys for LASIK. From what I gathered it was an easy experience. In less than 24 hrs she could see perfect with out contacts. I dropped her off and ran errands. They called me 30 mins prior to her surgery ending allowing me enough time to get back and be waiting for her when she was finished. They have her everything after in order to get rest and relax, including sleeping pills and eye drops.

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