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Board Certified LASIK and Cataract Surgeon Dr. Michael R. George, M.D. Leads A Team Of Over 25 Ophthalmology Trained Staff Serving Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth, and the DFW Metroplex

Michael R. George, M.D.

Michael R. George, M.D. is a Board Certified Cornea and Refractive Surgery Fellowship Trained Surgeon.

His focus is patient centric, focusing on improving the vision and the lives of the patients he treats. Dr. George has a passion for giving people a new start on life, whether it is giving a young person the freedom to reduce their need for glasses and contacts through cutting edge LASIK, or clearing the vision of someone entering their prime of life through Advanced Lens Cataract surgery, Dr. George has changed the way people SEE THEIR WORLD.

He is a pioneer in his use of advanced laser technology and was the FIRST IN TEXAS to use the most advanced laser technology, Contoura Vision LASIK. He involves himself in knowing and utilizing new technology for his patients who suffer from cataracts too, including the use of the Tecnis Symfony Advanced Cataract Lens in his choice when helping those with cataract see clearly for the rest of their lives.

His recommendations for surgery are based entirely on the need of the patient, and their personalized way of life. He works tirelessly to serve his community, and is the founding member of “The George Foundation for Sight Restoration“, a non-profit organization providing cataract surgery for those with financial need. He moved to Texas in 2012 after finishing his Fellowship with the prestigious Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mark Hayes, O.D.

Dr. Mark Hayes, O.D., graduated from the University of Memphis Optometry Doctorate program, and is certified for the treatment and management of ocular diseases by the International Board of Examiners in Optometry. He’s an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist at Tylock-George, but he has 30 years of experience treating the entire spectrum of eye conditions, including macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic eye disease, and cataracts. Dr. Hayes started with Tylock-George Eye Care in the early 2000s, and returned from living in Lubbock, Texas to work with our team in 2017.

Dr. Hayes has a loyal following of patients who return year after year for their comprehensive eye exams, due to his incredibly humble and sincere bedside manner. He is polite, funny, smart, and looks out for each person like they are family, recommending treatment only after he knows their needs well. His expertise with cataracts makes our patients feel comfortable in their choice to proceed with cataract surgery.

Dr. Hayes has a unique claim to fame — he was actually on the U.S. Olympic figure skating team, and has served as an elite figure skating judge until recently! Today, he is a genuine expert in everything related to LASIK and cataracts, and his patients agree, with rave reviews.

Gary Tylock, M.D.

Dr. Gary Tylock, M.D. is recognized as a leading LASIK and Cataract surgeon, and founder of Tylock-George Eye Care in 1986. Dr. Tylock is now retired from Tylock-George Eye Care, but continues his work using his expertise in Refractive Surgery to consult for many large medical corporations in their technology review and marketing divisions. Dr. Tylock was one of the first LASIK doctors to use Contoura Vision in Texas to help usher in a new era of LASIK technology. He was a tenured professor at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, and continues to draw on his huge reputation as a patient’s choice Best LASIK Surgeon by D Magazine for 10 years in a row.

Dr. Phat Vo

Dr. Vo completed a double major in business administration and biology at the University of Texas at Dallas, going on to achieve his Doctor of Optometry at the University of Houston College of Optometry. Since then, Dr. Vo has completed years of clinical externships; been certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease by the International Association of the Board of Examiners in Optometry; and become a member of the Northeast Texas Optometric Society.

A man of many talents, Dr. Vo is proud to be an optometrist who specializes in a variety of eye health needs — everything from specialty lenses to dry eyes. He is a glaucoma specialist who specializes in treatment, management, and pre- and post-op care for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and refractive vision correction. His dedication to improving patients’ quality of life cannot be understated, and he brings passion and expertise to everything he does.

Raised in Lewisville, Dr. Vo was born in Vietnam and speaks Vietnamese and Spanish, making him an excellent caregiver for patients of all kinds. He is always seeking unique solutions to patients’ needs and uses his knowledge and kind manner to better their lives and eye health.

Dr. Austin Franco is a passionate optometrist dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services to enhance the vision and well-being of his patients. He recently graduated from the University of Houston with a Doctor of Optometry degree, distinguishing himself through academic achievements and a strong commitment to patient care.

During his externships at leading eye care clinics, Dr. Franco gained invaluable hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of vision-related conditions. His expertise includes comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens fitting and management, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, pediatric optometry, and pre- and post-operative care for refractive surgery.

Dr. Franco is also deeply committed to his community, actively participating in vision screenings and outreach programs to promote eye health awareness and accessibility. He is affiliated with the American Optometric Association (AOA) and the Texas Optometric Association (TOA).

He holds a Bachelor of Science and Arts from the University of Texas at Austin (May 2020) and a Doctor of Optometry from the University of Houston (May 2024). Dr. Franco’s dedication to his patients and community, combined with his extensive training, make him a trusted and respected optometrist.>

Dr. Mark C. Gibson is a seasoned optometrist with a passion for vision care and an unwavering commitment to his patients’ eye health. Graduating from the prestigious University of Houston in 1983, he embarked on a remarkable journey in the field of optometry. He entered the profession not knowing of all the exciting and challenging changes that would occur in the optometric and eye care field and is truly amazed when he reflects upon all the many advances and improvements that have occurred during his lifetime as an eyecare provider and in the field of healthcare.

In 1986, Dr. Gibson met his best friend and wife, Kelly. They raised five children, two girls and three boys. They now have three grandchildren and love being grandparents.

Throughout his career, Dr. Gibson has seamlessly blended academia with clinical practice. His years as an associate professor at the University of Houston School of Optometry not only gave him an opportunity to educate aspiring optometrists but also convinced him of the importance of educating his patients about their vision and eye health as much as possible.

Early in his years of caring for patients, he committed himself to treating all his patients as he would want to be treated. His dedication to excellence in patient care, coupled with his compassionate approach, has earned him the trust and admiration of countless individuals seeking optimal vision solutions.

Outside the realm of optometry, Dr. Gibson is known for his fervent love for sports. Growing up in the sixties, he played many different sports, but his favorites were basketball and golf. As a kid he became a Cardinals baseball fan and a Blackhawks hockey fan (mostly because of their logo!) He was born in Kansas City, grew up in Oklahoma City, and then attended school in Stillwater and Houston. It’s probably easy to guess who his other favorite teams are, and he enjoys supporting the teams here in the DFW area. Whether it’s analyzing eye charts or dissecting game strategies, Dr. Gibson’s enthusiasm knows no bounds. He has been involved in other civic endeavors through church and in Lions Clubs International. He was the district governor in 2010 and 2011 for southwest Oklahoma District 3L. Once upon a time, he considered himself to be a good singer, and loves to listen to good music whenever he can.

With a career that spans decades and a genuine zeal for both his profession and his community, Dr. Mark C. Gibson continues to make a profound impact on the world of optometry and beyond.