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Ocular Pain Management

Posted by Dr. Hopkin Eye care practitioners will not infrequently encounter patients in pain. This is most frequently due to disease of or injury to the cornea. The cornea is the most richly innervated tissue in the human body, with an average of 40 times more sensory nerves than tooth pulp and 400 times more… Read More

What Contributes to the Eye’s Light Sensitivity?

The level of the eye’s light sensitivity can vary throughout a person’s life. Sensitivity to light is a condition known as photophobia, and is not a disease, but rather a symptom caused by many different factors. While it may be something very easy to manage, it can also indicate a serious underlying condition, so it is… Read More

Eye Makeup and Eye Sensitivity

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and many of us enjoy engaging in a little bit of window dressing. Eye makeup never seems to go out of style, even though the trends and colors change with the seasons. But are you taking care to make sure that you consider your eye makeup choices as a part of eye infection prevention?