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LASIK Results: How Much Improvement Should I Expect?

What to Expect After your LASIK? Refractive surgery has become commonplace, and with a good surgeon, LASIK results should be easily predictable. An experienced surgeon should be able to give you information not only about the procedure, risks, and recovery but also about how much improvement you should expect. Here, Dallas LASIK surgeon, Dr. Gary… Read More

LASIK and Military Service

LASIK for US Troops LASIK and military service would seem to be a good fit, as military personnel is required to endure rigorous circumstances that make glasses and contacts inconvenient, at best. Each branch of the service has slightly different policies on laser eye procedures, but almost every service member can receive laser eye surgery… Read More

LASIK and Reading Glasses

Why I Need to Wear Reading Glasses after LASIK? LASIK surgery has improved vision for millions of people, but many have questions about LASIK and reading glasses. Even though most patients experience a drastic improvement, sometimes reading glasses are still required, even after the procedure. Much depends on the individual situation. If you are under… Read More

Dr. Tylock: A Dallas LASIK Surgeon’s Qualifications

Dallas’ TOP LASIK Surgeon If you live in Texas and need vision correction, consider Dallas LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Tylock. Not only is Dr. Tylock a board-certified surgeon with twenty-five years of experience, but he is also a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction. Aside from the tens of thousands of refractive procedures… Read More

After LASIK: What Recovery Looks Like

My LASIK Recovery Process LASIK is a popular procedure, with minimal pain and quick results, but some people wonder what happens after LASIK. Recovery from LASIK is not a particularly difficult process, and the results are nearly immediate. Here are some facts about what happens after the procedure: You will not have stitches in your… Read More

LASIK and Swimming

Is It Safe to Go Swimming After LASIK? When considering laser vision correction, many patients are concerned about LASIK and swimming. While the appeal of having their vision improved is strong, they do not want to give up on the water sports they love. The good news is that there is no reason for LASIK… Read More

What Causes Cataracts?

Cataract is Primary Cause of Blindness Cataracts are the primary cause of blindness around the world, and affect more than twenty million Americans- but what causes cataracts? While aging is a major factor in the development of cataracts, there are other factors as well. Fortunately, there are also solutions. Twenty-two million Americans over age forty… Read More

Dallas LASIK Post-Operative Eye Exams

Eye Exams after LASIK Dallas LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Tylock and team explain what happens after LASIK in LASIK Post-Operative Exams. Are you considering having LASIK in Dallas? As with any surgery, post-operative care is important with LASIK. When you’re choosing your eye surgeon, you want to make sure that you choose one that provides… Read More

What Contributes to the Eye’s Light Sensitivity?

Understanding What is Photophobia The level of the eye’s light sensitivity can vary throughout a person’s life. Sensitivity to light is a condition known as photophobia, and is not a disease, but rather a symptom caused by many different factors. While it may be something very easy to manage, it can also indicate a serious underlying… Read More

What Are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

Cataract Symptoms You Need to Know Although they affect nearly forty million people in the United States, many people are not familiar with the symptoms of cataracts. Cataracts are typically considered an eye problem for the elderly, and it is true that the most common type of cataract happens as people age. However, there are… Read More