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Understanding how various factors affect the cost of LASIK surgery allows you to choose the best LASIK surgeon for you. The cost of LASIK surgery depends on several key factors, including the technology and laser your surgeon uses, your geographic location, and the specifics of your treatment.

At Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, we only use the most advanced laser technology, which allows us to provide a safer and more comfortable LASIK experience for our patients. Today’s big box LASIK providers often advertise low per eye prices, but may not tell you that they are using dated technology. At Tylock-George, we never want to sacrifice optimal results for cost, so we are committed to always staying on the cutting-edge of LASIK procedures and technologies while offering competitive pricing options for our patients.

Experienced LASIK Surgeons in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

We were the first laser eye care center in Texas to perform LASIK using Alcon’s Contoura Vision LASIK technology, the most advanced laser technology on the market. Since then, we have performed more Contoura Vision procedures than any other LASIK provider in Texas. You deserve peace of mind when scheduling your LASIK surgery, and choosing Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center means choosing the most advanced LASIK procedure led by the experienced Dr. Michael George, M.D.

Cost of LASIK in Dallas, Texas

In terms of geographic location, you may be surprised to learn that the cost of LASIK is not always directly related to the cost of living in certain areas. The cost of LASIK greatly depends on the competition in the market. While Dallas is a more expensive area to live in than Houston, it actually has lower LASIK costs due to the high amount of competition. At Tylock-George, you have access to the best technology and can have your LASIK surgery performed locally with a far lower cost than in neighboring cities.

LASIK Provider in Fort Worth, Texas

If you are considering LASIK, talk to one of our LASIK professionals to get the most accurate pricing estimate. We will accurately assess your treatment needs and personalize your LASIK procedure. During your LASIK consultation, we can go through the costs and logistics of your laser eye surgery. We can usually perform your vision correction surgery the same week as your consultation, and we will provide you with the medicated eye drops that otherwise would require a trip to the pharmacy and a high out-of-pocket cost.

About Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center

As the official eye care provider of the Texas Rangers, we know the importance of clear vision, both professionally and personally. LASIK is our primary focus, and we understand the value of feeling confident in your LASIK surgeon. At Tylock-George Eye Care & Laser Center, we have performed over 100,000 LASIK procedures for all types of patients. Dr. Michael George, M.D. is the most qualified LASIK surgeon to guide you to a better life with clearer vision.

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