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How Much Does LASIK Cost In The DFW Area?

Tylock-George’s Reasonable Costs vs Others

The cost of LASIK surgery varies greatly depending on a few key factors including the technology and age of the laser your surgeon uses, your geographic location and market competition, and your personal treatment requirements. We will discuss how each of these affects the cost of your LASIK procedure and why Tylock George Eye Care is the best choice for LASIK in the DFW Metroplex.

The technology your surgeon uses differs depending on your surgeon’s equipment preference and the ability to stay up to date with the latest and most accurate technology on the market. Some ophthalmologists are using technology that is more than 10 years old, that doesn’t require any additional ongoing fees to the laser manufacturer. This is often the type of technology used when eye doctors advertise LASIK surgery for $249.00/eye or offer deep discounts under $1000.00/eye. Other doctors may use a micro-keratome to create the flap prior to LASIK, which again reduces the cost, but is also an outdated technology. These archaic treatment options may lead to less than stellar results and be limited in the ability to treat higher prescriptions. Modern lasers require eye surgeons to pay a “click fee” every time they treat a patient for LASIK or PRK, which increases the cost of the procedure.

Tylock-George Eye Care offers the latest and most advanced technology on the market, Alcon’s Contoura Vision LASIK surgery. Dr. George and Tylock-George Eye Care were the first in the state of Texas to perform LASIK using this superior laser, and we have done more Contoura Vision procedures than any other ophthalmology practice in Texas.

Both Dr. George and Dr. Reddy use a laser to create all flaps, which produces fewer complications and better overall results, all within a few seconds per eye!

LASIK Cost and Comparison

You may expect that the cost of LASIK in California and New York to be higher than in the DFW Metroplex due to the high cost of living in those states. However, you may be surprised to realize that the cost of LASIK in the Dallas market is lower than Houston, Austin, and anywhere in Oklahoma and Arkansas where the cost of living is much lower. Dallas has a very competitive market, which is great for our patients because they can have your vision restored locally with the best technology for far less than our neighboring cities and states. We are proud to call Irving, Tx (Las Colinas) our home for over 25 years.

The other major factor affecting the cost of your LASIK procedure is your treatment requirements. Typically, the stronger your glasses prescription the higher your cost will be. This goes back to the laser manufacturer charging the surgeon more based on the patient’s prescription. If you have significant amounts astigmatism, are far-sighted, or extremely nearsighted you may see your costs max out close to $2000/eye in the Dallas Fort Worth market.

Ultimately, to get the most accurate price for LASIK surgery, you will need to be seen by your eye care professional so he/she can accurately assess your treatment needs and discuss the best-personalized treatment options for you. It is recommended to research the technology you choose before opting for low-cost eye surgery. Dr. George and the more than 20 highly qualified medical staff at Tylock-George Eye Care are committed to providing the highest quality procedure at the best price for our patients.

We offer ongoing sales and special rates in addition to a price-match guarantee for matching technology with a printed quote from another ophthalmologist. Call our counselors today to get your evaluation for LASIK scheduled. We can usually perform your eye surgery the same week as your evaluation, and provide you with the medicated eye drops that typically require a trip to the pharmacy and high out of pocket costs.

We know LASIK because it is our primary focus. Not only are we the official eye care providers of the Texas Rangers, but Dr. George have also performed more than 100,000 LASIK procedures for people of all professions.

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