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Top LASIK Center in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

LASIK Center in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

At Tylock-George LASIK Eye Care, we understand our patients struggle with finding the right office and making the best decision about their eyesight. LASIK should not be a difficult process, and most people are relieved after they have the treat. This blog is to help guide you through the initial steps.

So, you’ve thought about getting LASIK for years and the stars have aligned where the timing is right. Does this sound like you? Let’s say you’ve lost or broke your glasses again, or your contacts just aren’t comfortable anymore. It’s finally time to seriously consider Custom IntraLASIK. But where do you begin? Answering this question, along with several other important questions, is how we start your process to visual freedom.

Studies show that most people think about doing LASIK and gather information for an average of 2 years prior to deciding to finally do it. They also show that once someone decides to commit to doing LASIK they complete the evaluation and surgery all within 2 weeks. At Tylock-George Eye Care in Irving, Texas we take pride in offering patients the most advanced FDA approved technology for LASIK. Dr. Michael George was selected as the “Official LASIK Surgeon of the Texas Rangers” baseball team. When it comes to treating baseball players, only the top technology is accepted because of the precision and accuracy required. That is why we treat the Rangers player’s eyes with Contoura Vision LASIK Technology. We were the first practice in Texas to perform Contoura Vision, a specialty LASIK procedure that maps each persons eye in over 20,000 pin point locations for a customized treatment.

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So, now that you found the right place to have your LASIK surgery done, let’s talk about what to expect from the evaluation process.

The first step for any potential LASIK patient is to be out of your contact lenses prior to your evaluation. We recommend being out of soft contacts for 4 days, soft astigmatism contacts for 10 days, and rigid gas permeable contacts for at least 3 – 4 weeks. This will allow us to obtain the most accurate measurements of the natural shape of the eye. These measurements are the basis of your customized laser treatment we want to utilize for the procedure.

The LASIK evaluation is probably the most thorough eye exam you have ever experienced. You can expect the evaluation to last from 2-3 hours. One question we get asked is, “Am I able to drive after the evaluation”? You will be fine to drive yourself to and from the evaluation.

The diagnostic testing begins with a custom mapping of your cornea, the outside layer of your eye. We utilize machines called a Pentacam, OPD scan, and the Vario Topolyzer to help analyze the shape and structural stability of your cornea. There is no pain or discomfort from these tests. From there, we will have you see one of our experienced technicians for a full work up exam. During that exam, we will obtain your overall eye and health history, perform refraction, administer dilating drops, and perform other eye-related specific test based on your age.

Once your eyes are dilated, you will then meet with one of our qualified doctors, who will evaluate your eyes further. The doctors are responsible for analyzing the diagnostic testing and maps of your eye, completing an entire health check of the inside of your eye, checking tear production and dryness, and evaluating the surface cells of your cornea. Our highly specialized doctors will be the ones who will tell you if you are a candidate for LASIK.

With our state of the art LASIK technology and expert Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, we typically find that around 90% of all patient’s we evaluate to be good candidates for 1 of 4 different vision correction treatments, LASIK, PRK, Contoura Vision, or Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL).

Tylock-George Eye Care serves patients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Centrally located in Irving, Texas, we see patients from Flower Mound, Plano, Southlake, Allen, McKinney, and beyond North Texas. We have several patients who have traveled from out of town to see our ophthalmologists, Michael R. George, M.D. and Archana V. Reddy, M.D. Most of our out of town patients come from Abilene, Lubbock, Tyler, Waco, Austin, and Houston. However, because of his reputation, Dr. George has done LASIK on patients from as far away as Russia, Australia, and even Zimbabwe! We have negotiated discounted rates with local hotels for our out of town guests and would be happy to answer any further questions you might have. We look forward to helping you!

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