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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get LASIK?

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LASIK is one of the most popular vision correction surgeries in the world. With over 700,000 patients undergoing the procedure every year, and over 96% of patients achieving 20/20 vision, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for LASIK eye surgery.

While the experienced doctors at Tylock-George Eye Care can provide you with high-quality excellent results, not everyone will end up being right for laser vision correction. One of the primary barriers to LASIK is a simple one: age.

You must be at least 18 years old to get LASIK eye surgery. Before reaching adulthood, the eyes may still be developing, and any vision correction gained from LASIK may not be permanent. The good news is, this doesn’t disqualify underage patients from the procedure forever. Most patients are able to get LASIK surgery once they’re over the age of 18.

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is a quick and painless procedure that can permanently improve your vision, as well as your quality of life. This is done by reshaping your cornea and, in turn, correcting refractive issues.

Your cornea, the transparent layer at the front of your eye, works with your lens to focus light. If your cornea has an irregular shape, you won’t be able to see properly due to issues called refractive disorders, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

During your LASIK surgery, the eye surgeons at Tylock-George will use a laser to reshape your cornea to a precise degree, allowing your eyes to focus without corrective eyewear.

Can You Be Too Young for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Minors are still growing and developing, and so are their eyes. There’s a reason children under 18 (and adults over 60) are advised to get eye exams twice as often as those aged 18-60: they’re more likely to see changes in their vision from year to year. In fact, children are only expected to get two eye exams before 1st grade, because their vision typically changes too rapidly to write an accurate vision prescription.

LASIK is dependent on a certain amount of stability in a patient’s eyes. If the patient’s vision fluctuates too much, the prescription that a particular eye surgery is designed to correct may not be the same prescription in as little as 6 months.

So, How Old Should You Be to Get LASIK?

You can only get LASIK if you’re more than 18 years old. If you’re under 18, your eyes may be changing too fast, and too frequently, to guarantee long-term success. While glasses and contacts can be quickly adjusted to fit a changing prescription, a LASIK surgeon can’t repeat the surgery over and over to make these small adjustments. The age that you meet this prerequisite varies from person to person — some patients never meet this particular LASIK qualification.

Can You Be Too Old For LASIK?

LASIK may not be the best solution for older patients. As you age, your eyes start to change more rapidly, become less flexible, and develop age-related vision issues as a result.

This instability makes LASIK less likely to provide a permanent solution to your vision. While technically, it’s still possible to get LASIK at an advanced age, it’s a better solution for younger patients.

What Could Prevent Me from Getting LASIK?

Besides being over a certain age and having stable vision, there are other considerations to meet before a LASIK surgeon considers you a good candidate for the procedure. Those who may not be a good fit for LASIK include:

  • People with large pupils
  • People with thin corneas
  • People with prior eye damage
  • People with preexisting eye conditions
  • Those with diseases which affect the immune system
  • Those with diseases which affect chemical balances, including hormones
  • Women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have recently given birth

LASIK Eye Surgery at Tylock-George Eye Care

When you’re ready — and the right age — for LASIK, you want eye surgeons with experience, who genuinely care for their patients. Those are the qualities of the team at Tylock-George Eye Care. Led by Michael George, M.D., our team is the premiere LASIK provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

There’s a reason the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and Texas Rangers trust our more than 40 combined years of experience. We provide industry-leading laser eye surgeries using cutting-edge techniques and technology.

At Tylock-George, we want to make sure every patient is a great fit for a successful vision correction. Want to learn more about what qualifies you for LASIK eye surgery? Call us at (972) 316-9851 or schedule an appointment to find out what the eye surgeons at Tylock-George can do for you.