How Old Do You Have to Be to Get LASIK?

How old do you have to be to get LASIK? After all, eye problems can happen at any age. Preschoolers are often fitted for glasses. But can they undergo LASIK surgery?

Currently, LASIK surgery is not performed on people younger than the age of 18. This is because as long as a person is growing, their eyes can change. With glasses or contacts, an ophthalmologist can change out the prescription to accommodate the patients’ changing eyes. However, with LASIK, the surgeon can not continually go back in and make adjustments.

If there’s any doubt over whether the eyes have stabilized, it is best to put off LASIK until the patient is older. The age at which LASIK is appropriate varies greatly from person to person.

A side note: it is possible to be too old for LASIK, too. Some older people have cataracts or other issues that might not make them good candidates. The best way to decide if LASIK is a good option is to undergo a complete eye exam.