What is the Best Age for LASIK Surgery?

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How Old Are You For LASIK Procedure?

People with poor vision often wonder if there is a particular age for LASIK surgery that is better than other ages. LASIK eye surgery is an increasingly popular procedure, delivering almost miraculous results in vision restoration, but there are ages that fall outside the range that doctors consider safe for LASIK. Here, Dallas LASIK surgeon, Dr. Gary Tylock, explains why there is a consideration of age for LASIK.

The short answer is that there is no ideal age for LASIK. The option for the LASIK procedure is dependent on many factors, which can only be decided by a physician, on a case by case basis. In general, however, there are some guidelines that LASIK surgeons follow.

  • While there is no ideal age for LASIK, there are some regulations regarding ages for which LASIK vision correction is not suitable. The FDA has only approved the procedure for those over eighteen years of age. In addition, while there is no maximum age limit for LASIK, patients over age forty-five will often need to continue using near vision correction, like reading glasses, after the surgery.
  • The real question about suitable candidates for LASIK has more to do with other factors.
    • Growth and cornea stability are two considerations, and physicians often like to wait until your prescription has remained unchanged for at least two years, before performing laser eye correction.
    • Eye health is often a problem as we age, and eye-related disorders like cataracts or glaucoma may prevent people from being good candidates for the procedure, even if they seem to be the right age for LASIK.

If you have the right conditions and age for LASIK, choose a surgeon with knowledge and experience. In Dallas, you could not ask for a better option than the Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, led by pioneering LASIK surgeon, Dr. Gary Tylock. Visit the website for more information or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.