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Why I Need to Wear Reading Glasses after LASIK?

LASIK surgery has improved vision for millions of people, but many have questions about LASIK and reading glasses. Even though most patients experience a drastic improvement, sometimes reading glasses are still required, even after the procedure. Much depends on the individual situation.

If you are under forty years old and have both eyes laser corrected for distance vision, you will probably not need reading glasses after the procedure. On the other hand, if you are over forty and undergo the same procedure, you will likely need reading glasses immediately afterward. One approach to avoid reading glasses is to consider monovision. This may be an option if you are over forty and involves having one eye corrected for distance and the other for near. It is wise to try this process on for size, using contact lenses, before you decide to do it through surgery.

There is ongoing research in developing a procedure where a laser creates a multifocal cornea. This would enable both reading and distance in both eyes. However, these techniques are still being perfected, and they are not yet FDA approved.

The reason for the problems of nearsightedness and farsightedness has to do with the lens’s ability to stretch and contract. This process is called accommodation, and it is something that we lose as we age and our eyes become less flexible. When you have LASIK to correct your vision, you may experience difficulty reading for a few days after surgery. Wearing over the counter reading glasses is a reasonable solution, and will not affect your healing process. Once your vision has stabilized, though, you may still find reading difficult, at which point your doctor can prescribe reading glasses.

Though some people may find that LASIK eliminates their need for reading glasses, others may find that their solution involves both LASIK and reading glasses. To learn the best solution for your eyes, look for a doctor with experience and a commitment to excellence in patient care. Dr. Tylock is a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction, with twenty years of experience. Visit the Tylock website today to find out how his competent staff can help you improve your vision.