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Can LASIK Correct Astigmatism?

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Treat Your Astigmatism with LASIK

Do you have astigmatism? Have you tried glasses or contacts to correct your vision
but are tired of the hassle? Then LASIK surgery could be the remedy you have been
looking for to restore your vision to 20/20.

Astigmatism is not a sign that your eyes are unhealthy; it is a problem with how
your eye focuses on light, an irregularly shaped cornea causes this condition. Your
eye should be shaped like a baseball, but with astigmatism is shaped more like a
football. This is one of the most common eye disorders along with nearsightedness
and farsightedness. Astigmatism is typically a naturally occurring eye disorder that
you inherit from your parents however it can be caused by injury to the eye.

In the early stages of LASIK surgery, astigmatisms could not be corrected. However
thanks to the pioneering efforts of ophthalmologists like Dr. Gary Tylock, we now
have the technology to correct most forms of astigmatism. In fact many patients
have a better quality of vision after LASIK surgery than before with the use of glasses
or contacts.

LASIK is a permanent fix for the correction of astigmatism and unlike corrective
lenses, it aims to correct the cause of astigmatism rather than just temporarily treat
the symptoms such as eye strain, headaches and squinting. With LASIK, you may
have the ability to ditch your glasses and contacts and the annoyance that goes with

LASIK is the most popular procedure for correcting astigmatism. Recovery from
LASIK surgery is quick and often requires no interruption to your daily activities.
Occasionally patients with severe astigmatism may require more than one
procedure to achieve 20/20 or their personal best vision. In the Dallas area if
you are tired of dealing with astigmatism, call our office today to schedule your
consultation with Dr. Gary Tylock and let him determine if you are a candidate for
the LASIK procedure.