After LASIK: What Recovery Looks Like

LASIK is a popular procedure, with minimal pain and quick results, but some people wonder what happens after LASIK. Recovery from LASIK is not a particularly difficult process, and the results are nearly immediate. Here are some facts about what happens after the procedure: You will not have stitches in your eye. You probably already know… Read More

After LASIK: LASIK Post- Operative Exams

Dallas LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Tylock and team explain what happens after LASIK in LASIK Post-Operative Exams.

Life After Lasik

Dallas Lasik Dr. Gary Tylock explains life after LASIK.

Vision After LASIK

LASIK surgery is becoming more and more common, but what is your vision actually like after LASIK? It’s safe, effective, and long lasting. But how good will your vision be after the procedure? Does everyone get 20/20 vision? A long term study of LASIK patients revealed the average vision to be 20/25. However, Dr. Tylock… Read More