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What is Nearsightedness/Myopia?

Nearsightedness/MyopiaNearsightedness, or myopia, is the most common refractive condition and affects one in four people. Nearsightedness is a condition in which light rays entering the eye focus in front of the retina instead of directly on the retina. Nearsightedness is normally caused when the eye is too long or the cornea is too steep. Nearsighted patients see nearby objects clearly, but have difficulty focusing on distant objects. Myopia can be minimal, creating only slight blurring of distant vision. Those with minimal myopia may be able to read the doctor’s eye chart without glasses. Those with moderate myopia are barely able to see the big E on the eye chart without glasses or contacts. Nearsightedness is often inherited, usually starts in childhood and stabilizes in the late teens or early adulthood.

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