AcrySof® Toric Lens: An Astigmatism-correcting Lens

AcrySof Toric Lens DallasA Clearer Vision from Astigmatism

When a patient has a significant amount of astigmatism in the eye, replacing the cataract with the typical conventional intraocular lens may not achieve clear vision. Although the hazy vision caused by the cataract is corrected, the distortion caused by astigmatism may require the use of glasses for optimal vision.

However, using astigmatism correcting lens such as the AcrySof Toric lens allows patients who have significant astigmatism to enjoy much clearer vision, since both the cataract and the astigmatism are corrected together.

These intraocular lens implants also protect against UV light by a special yellow tint which functions in a similar way as the natural lens. The yellow tint filters out certain wavelengths of UV light which can be damaging to the retina. This feature does not change your color perception and may actually enhance it.

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