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Richard Branson’s LASIK Story

Richard Branson is a modern day pioneer, who is always on the cutting edge, which may be why he underwent LASIK surgery so early on in its development. As founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, that includes more than 400 companies, Branson understands the importance of clear vision.

It has been over 10 years since Branson, who is 61, underwent LASIK surgery and he is still talking about how LASIK helped him go from being nearly ‘blind as a bat’ to almost perfect vision.  Despite having elected to have this procedure in the early days of LASIK technology, he has not experienced any known complications from the surgery.

This life-changing surgery has undoubtedly had a positive effect on one of the UK’s 5 richest citizens.  Branson no longer has the daily annoyance of dealing with contacts or keeping up with glasses, which allows him to be even more focused on the more pressing matters at hand without interruption. He even famously threw his glasses into the trash bin as a statement that he no longer needed lenses to see almost perfectly again.

LASIK surgery has been so influential on Richard Branson’s life, that in 2011 when he nearly swam into a shark’s mouth, he joked that despite having near perfect vision thanks to LASIK surgery he still managed to put himself in harm’s way.  The positive effects of LASIK are influencing Branson’s everyday life and obviously remain at the forefront of his mind.

Don’t let the fact that billionaire Richard Branson had LASIK surgery keep you from better vision.  He may have more money than most people can dream about, but that is no indication the surgery is so expensive that it has to be only a dream. At Tylock LASIK, that is not the case at all, we are dedicated to making vision correction procedures affordable for all and even offer flexible financing plans.  Contact us today to find out more!