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Understanding how various factors affect the cost of LASIK surgery allows you to choose the best LASIK surgeon for you. The cost of LASIK surgery depends on several key factors, including the technology and laser your surgeon uses, your geographic location, and the specifics of your treatment. At Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center, we... Read More

What is the Best Age for LASIK Surgery?

How Old Are You For LASIK Procedure? People with poor vision often wonder if there is a particular age for LASIK surgery that is better than other ages. LASIK eye surgery is an increasingly popular procedure, delivering almost miraculous results in vision restoration, but there are ages that fall outside the range that doctors consider… Read More

Allergies and Your Eye Health

How to Treat Eye Allergies Allergies and eye infections can be troublesome, particularly in the spring. Pollen can be the culprit in both cases, and pollen is at its peak from May to July, so relief from itchy, watery eyes may not be in sight any time soon. Dr. Gary Tylock, a Dallas LASIK surgeon,… Read More

Dr. Tylock: A Dallas LASIK Surgeon’s Qualifications

Dallas’ TOP LASIK Surgeon If you live in Texas and need vision correction, consider Dallas LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Tylock. Not only is Dr. Tylock a board-certified surgeon with twenty-five years of experience, but he is also a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction. Aside from the tens of thousands of refractive procedures… Read More

Dallas LASIK Post-Operative Eye Exams

Eye Exams after LASIK Dallas LASIK surgeon Dr. Gary Tylock and team explain what happens after LASIK in LASIK Post-Operative Exams. Are you considering having LASIK in Dallas? As with any surgery, post-operative care is important with LASIK. When you’re choosing your eye surgeon, you want to make sure that you choose one that provides… Read More

How Long is Laser Eye Surgery Recovery?

Dr. Tylock: Pioneer of LASIK Surgery and Recovery Prospective patients often wonder about the length of laser eye surgery recovery. LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure performed today, and millions of people have benefited from this surgery, which promises almost immediate results with minimal pain.  In no time, you’ll be back to your… Read More

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get LASIK?

LASIK is one of the most popular vision correction surgeries in the world. With over 700,000 patients undergoing the procedure every year, and over 96% of patients achieving 20/20 vision, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for LASIK eye surgery. While the experienced doctors at Tylock-George Eye Care can provide you with… Read More

How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK’s Long Lasting Effect LASIK surgery is considered a miracle to many people with less than perfect vision, often allowing them to say goodbye to glasses and contacts, but many want to know does LASIK last? Approved by the FDA in 1995, it is an established procedure, but many patients have concerns about long-term effects. Some patients… Read More