Crystalens® Advanced Technology Lens Implant


Cataract Lens
Advances in intraocular lens implant technology through Crystalens® allow our Dallas and Fort Worth area patients with cataracts to experience clearer vision at all distances with a minimal need for glasses after cataract surgery. The “Crystalens® Advanced Technology Lens Implant” works by using a pair of hinges, one on each side of the central optic (the focusing part of the implant). These two hinges work naturally with your eyes’ muscles allowing the implant to move forward and backward, or accommodate focusing on objects near and far. This design mimics the eye’s natural process of lens adjustment. This adjustment process is practiced by the patient in the ensuing months postoperatively to enhance and fine-tune their near vision capabilities, allowing the kind of vision patients enjoyed when they were younger.

“Advanced Technology Lens Implants” allow Dr. George to bring the world back into focus for many of their patients.

To find more about Crystalens®, ReSTOR® and TECNIS® Multifocal “Advanced Technology Lens Implants”, or to schedule an appointment at our office serving the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area from our centrally located location in Irving Texas to see if “Advanced Technology Lens Implants” may be right for you, contact Tylock-George Eye Care LASIK Center or call us at (972)-210-0442.

With advanced vision correction options like LASIK, PRK, and premium cataract surgery, it has never been easier to get the vision you've always dreamed of.