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Terence Newman’s Success LASIK Surgery

Terence Newman is now a cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals but was formerly with the Dallas Cowboys.  After an impressive college career at Kansas State, the Cowboys drafted Newman in 2003 as the number five pick overall.  After being released by the Cowboys at the end of last season, Newman signed with the Bengals and made the move back to the Midwest.

As a cornerback, Newman’s responsibility is to anticipate where the other team’s quarterback will pass the ball so that he can effectively prevent the receiver from catching the ball and moving it down the field.  Because of this responsibility, it is vital that a cornerback be able to clearly see the activity on the field and the movement of the ball.  Football is a high contact sport and because of that, a player cannot wear glasses to correct their vision.  Glasses do not fit well under their helmets and could easily get broken and cause harm to the player.  While playing football wearing contact lens could be difficult as well because, during the physical contact of the game, the lenses could pop out and get lost.  Both of these options cause unnecessary stress and worries for the player with vision problems.

Terence Newman explained that his reason for undergoing LASIK surgery was because “[His] eyes are [his] money,” and we couldn’t have explained it better.  If he can’t see then he can’t do his job and risks not playing or worse not keeping his spot on the team.  To correct his vision, Newman turned to Dr. Gary Tylock and Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center.  Because Dr.  Tylock team spends time one on one with each and every patient, Newman felt confident that his eyes were in good hands with Dr. Tylock.  He even said, “There is definitely a reason most pro athletes in Dallas use Dr. Gary Tylock.”

We enjoyed having Terence Newman as a patient and are pleased that he is so happy with the results of his Lasik surgery.  We miss seeing him around Dallas and wish him nothing but the best!

If you have questions about LASIK or would like to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and contacts, please give one of the Tylock team members a call at 972-258-6400.