Is LASIK Eye Surgery Painful?

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Painless LASIK Procedure

If you are considering laser vision correction, you may be wondering, “Is LASIK eye surgery painful“? The short answer is “no”. Though there may be a little bit of discomfort after the procedure, it fades quickly, and the surgery itself is painless.

  • Before the procedure, you will be given a mild oral sedative. Then you will receive numbing eye drops, as well as antibiotic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory eye drops. You will be able to communicate with the doctor during the procedure, but your eye will be numb, and you will not feel any pain.
  • The procedure itself is quite brief. Though you should plan for about three hours at the clinic on the day of your procedure, the procedure itself takes fewer than ten minutes. During that time, the laser is used for just a matter of seconds per eye.
  • After the procedure, patients report a feeling of grit or an eyelash in the eye.  This uncomfortable sensation, however, usually only lasts for a few hours. Though your doctor will give you a prescription for pain medication, most people find that over the counter pain pills, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, are sufficient.
  • To minimize discomfort, follow doctor’s orders. After your procedure, your doctor will advise you to stay away from swimming pools and lakes, and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. These are both important, to keep your eyes from pain and infection. However, the best thing you can do to speed your healing process is rest.  The body does its best healing when at rest, so be sure to get plenty of it.

If you have any further questions, or just want to ask, “Is LASIK eye surgery painful”? in person, contact Tylock-George Eye Care and Laser Center. Headed by Dr. Gary Tylock, one of the leading refractive surgeons in the country, the staff at Tylock uses the newest techniques and technology to provide excellent customer care.  Visit the Tylock website to learn more, or connect with the online community through Facebook and Twitter.