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What is the RayOne EMV Lens?

RayOne EMV is an enhanced monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) that offers superior vision correction for patients with cataracts or refractive issues. It’s the only patented IOL that features an aspheric shape in the front, which helps provide a more seamless transition between focuses. This can help patients with age – related farsightedness, or presbyopia, and is also available in a toric form for patients with a stigmatism. This popular lens was developed by Rayner, in collaboration with the world – renowned cataract surgeon, Professor Graham Barrett.

Benefits of the RayOne EMV Lens

The RayOne EMV boasts many features that improve your sight after surgery, such as:

  • Increased focusing power at all distances of vision
  • High-quality vision without glare, streaks, or halos from light
  • A more natural visual range, and smoother transition between points of focus
  • Great visual acuity and contrast recognition even in low-light conditions

How Does the RayOne EMV Lens Work?

Due to the a spherical shape of its front surface, the RayOne EMV Lens gives clearer sight by allowing the cornea to capture more available light and focus it in a highly controlled fashion . This shape also makes switching between near and distance vision easier, unlike most regular monofocal IOLs. Its unique design also includes a blended edge that reduces eye fatigue and helps you maintain superior vision, even in dark environments.

Who is a Candidate for the RayOne EMV Lens?

The RayOne EMV IOL is a great choice for anyone who wants to reduce their dependency on eyewear and improve their vision at multiple distances and light conditions. Some examples of patients who would benefit are those who require crystal-clear vision for outdoor activities, like golfing, as well as those who drive during the day and night . If you want smoother, high-quality vision that enhances your surroundings with ease, the RayOne EMV IOL is perfect for you. Schedule a consultation at Tylock-George Eye Care today to find out more.

Four Convenient Locations for Great Vision

The skilled cataract surgeons at our four locations are ready to take your eyesight to the next level with our outstanding level of care. Our doctors will learn all about you and your lifestyle so they can choose the right IOL for your eyes. And when you’re in our care, you can rest assured you’ll be comfortable and informed every step of the way — from consultation to recovery.

Four Convenient Locations for Great Vision

We want to make sure you’re never too far away from exceptional vision surgeons and have four locations throughout the area to serve you better. Schedule your consultation at your nearest Tylock-George Eye Care office today!


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